Americans Try International Condiments

Americans Try International Condiments
Americans Try International Condiments
Published on 10/19/2017
Americans Try International Condiments


" this would be good on a viking funeral boat..that you put out into the ocean then shoot a flaming arrow toward "
"I have to date, get married and have kids, and that taste will still be in my mouth." Yes, Ashley. Yes, it will. I tried fermented bean curd almost nine years ago, and I can still taste it. Mine seemed more stringy than this (I think it was the Japanese kind.).
Excuse me while I go throw up as I do each time I remember that stuff.
You guys just eat the bean curd wrong, that's why. You're suppose to take one been curd out, put 3 or 4 drops of lemon juice in and give them a good mix. Then you'll eat just a little bit with a soon full of steamed rice. And the Korean condiment too. You're suppose to take a little bit and eat with steamed rice. The condiments from Asia are mostly go with rice. And if you guys don't eat them how they're suppose to be eaten, of course they won't taste good. And BTW, research before you guys do stuff like this. It makes you guys really ignorant and it insults the stuff from Asia. Just saying.
.. and then thank life for peanut butter and jelly... and NUTELLA!
"I might me allergic to that" haha 😂
Jufran matches well with omelettes, meats.. + matches Pinoy style Spaghetti ❤️
*smells* "what the?" Hahaha
I think I'm the only Filipina that doesn't like banana ketchup 😕
we dont use catsup on crackers..
made from bananas or for babanas lmao
Does that one guy remind anyone else of Seth Rogen???!!
I worked in Heinz-UFC and Jufran is the condiment for the leading fasfood Max's Fried Chicken. It is made for roasted chicken. Try the Jufran Sweet and Chilli Sauce for lumpia. Every food in the Philippines has its matching condiment to go with. Research and Development has been doing its job for a long time on how to perfect condiments that matches specific food i.e. French fries, nachos, beef, pork, fish and chicken.
Umm yeah I'm Korean and I've never seen anyone eat Saeujeot like's usually an ingredient put in to make kimchi...
I hope they try bagoong
why do they put those on crackers though???
Banana sauce is delicious!
Not even Chinese people eat the fermented bean curd like that. That was crazy yo
Oh please, relax, you guys are just making a big deal out of nothing
LMFAOOOOO her face when she smelled it and said "what the" 😂😂😂😂
i want the banana sauce
Harrisa my favorite!
They should have tried Vegemite from Australia.....
Banana sauce with chicken! Delicious! Lol
I LOVE banana ketchup/ sauce.
First of all...fermented and food, are 2 things that should never ever go together.
Ah man! You don't eat fermented bean curd like that! Haha! A tiny bit goes a long way x3 I usually like putting it in rice porridge or cooking it with Chinese vegetables.
Who the fuck told you Saeujeot was a condiment??? Its used as an ingredient in Korean food not as a damn side thing... If you wanted a real Korean condiment kimchi should have been the one you chose.
Filipino products are the best!
Nothing from d Caribbean? Yall should do hot sauce or as we call it pepper sauce around d world.... try some mudda n law shadow benni pepper from trinidad n tobago :)
You need to try the good old natural Harrissa *_* The ones on pots are always less hot than the home made ones XD
Say Hi From Tunisia (y)
Lol, buzzfeed should of have them go straight to the fermented stinky beancurd, that would make the white fermented heck a lot better.
I like jufran lol 😂👌
Yay you guys tried a Filipino condiment! And yes it is made from bananas and is used the same way as ketchup :)
Buzzfeed needs to try new tries
I wanna try the first 2 lol
Jufran ftw!!😀
If they tried a real harissa from Tunisia, they would be jumping arouns and asking for water.
That shit is really spicy!!
nothing wrong with banana ketchup ,,,or patis,,,or bagoong,,,
How could you guys forget Aussie vegemite?!
Banana Ketchup is very popular in the Philippines. My family there loved it but as for me, I prefer the tomato ketchup.
Eating those condiments with the wrong food, that's why some do not taste good.
first.... ; -; cri.....
Oh BuzzFeed, you ate that fermented tofu ALL WRONG!! First time I had it I was scared and didn't really like it. Now I'm hooked. Eat it on porridge style rice and a little tiny bit of tofu with a whole spoonful of rice. If my first experience of fermented tofu was like yours I would have had the same response. Now I eat it at least monthly if not more often.
Banana ketchup is delicious.
All i have to say is haha
Proudly from the Philippines :) Yey Jufran! lol
What about Vegemite?!
Harisa with tuna and olives is so good. I love it!
The fermented bean curd is not eat with crackers, suppose to eat with congee.. A bowl of congee with a little piece of fermented bean curd...

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