Americans Try Indonesian Snacks

Americans Try Indonesian Snacks
Americans Try Indonesian Snacks
Published on 10/19/2017
Americans Try Indonesian Snacks


"Everyone did, you're not special."
I'm wondering how many people recognized James Deen...
(Yes, i'm slightly ashamed)
Why do their taste tests always sound like their food is the only "right" food in the world..? 😕
James Deen :3 <3
Ummm... Why is James Deen with Buzzfeed... Not that I'm complaining...
The best thing about this video was James Deen!
why do i feel these are getting racist and racist???
pssshhtt who's that guy next to gaby? I sure don't know. never seen him before. nope.
FINALLY IT'S INDONESIAN SNACKS but seriously people they're all GOOD
"It taste like play doh because I use to eat it!"....... "everyone ate it you're not special.".....LOL....
I love how many people recognize James Deen. It's actually pretty embarrassing. I had to look up who that was because I don't know 😅 Look at me, not watching porn and all that.
James Deen and Buzzfeed...what could be better
NOW try some REAL Indonesian food: lumpia, won ton, peanut sauce, gato gato, satay, etc. I'm no expert, but I do know what's GOOOOD!!
Asian Folks are so diversed with everything....we dont complain or make fun of stuff
Am I the only person feel these people are getting pickier with other countries' food?
Buzzfeed, where porn stars come into play because we need fresh new faces.
your a dumb bitch, im pretty sure indonesians eat more fish then americans. and we do have potatoes here
"Does Indonesian know what fish taste like?" ofc we know
Lol oh buzzfeed. Now I feel like sending them a box of bomb Indonesian snacks that they can't complain about.
I'm indonesian and this is actually kinda offensive... lol
"That's exactly what I thought it would taste like. That guy's balls."
James Deen....
Seaweed flavor Taro Net chips are delicious! I wish they had done some krupuk or maybe krepek tempe. Those are yummy too!
Wait, is that James Deen? 😳
Lol they are right though some of those Asian snacks are just downright weird and nasty! Have you guys ever been to a Chinese grocery? It stinks so bad!
Ohmygod how do I get a job at buzzfeed so I can sit next to James Deen, <33
"Why would you eat this?"
"Why did you eat two?"
"I dunno!"
Self centered Americans. ...Ptuuuii!!!
How can Indonesians not know what fish taste like when they are all islands surrounded by the sea. Some US peeps even thought fish fillet came from the sea.
hey dude...come to indonesia and i show you how great our culinare is!!
i think you just taste some indonesian snacks that is not really good in here.. there are still the other delicious snacks.. and the man said this is delicious but the face show that "this is horrible"
.....Did they just reupload this?
different people , different taste..
i probably said the same thing for other country food/snack.
So i saw all these James Deen comments and looked him yall nasty 😂😂😂 jk jk!
Come on stop with the disgusted look all the time. Just eat it. Its not like u eating spiders. Its chips for god sakes.
Is he James deen? (The pornstar)
Finally the right flag :D thanks buzzfeed
Reya ; uhm. what? Though, it's finally Indonesian. :)
James Deen 😍😍
chiki balls? *do chicken have balls* *im a chicken eat my balls* xD
Kept watching the video because, DUH. James Deen? Haha. 😂
You should eat the fish chips with Indonesian soup dishes
Humm I've been to Indonesia twice and never seen any of these snacks except the last one. The reason it tasted like fish is it has shrimp in it, I thought they were good.
Those white circular chips are sold here in Holland also.. kroepoek is what they are called I believe.. shrimp crackers
this is offensive
just u dont know how to eat them especially kerupuk
and u say "thats weird" "why u eat this"
u should try eat kerupuk with soto or meatball soup
Who the fuck is James Deen?
Favorite line "And I know that because I use to eat Play Dough." "Everyone did, you're not special." Ultimate burn.
the try to make this video viral in indonesia.. marketing strategy.. as indonesia is the 5th biggest popullation country.. dadi maklum wae..
Question of the year: "Do chickens have balls?"
I screamed seeing James Deen

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