Americans Try Bizarre Russian Foods For The First Time

Americans Try Bizarre Russian Foods For The First Time
Americans Try Bizarre Russian Foods For The First Time
Published on 12/11/2017
Americans Try Bizarre Russian Foods For The First Time


"This tastes like someone threw acid on my grandmother" What?😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
I don't know if I'd call it bizarre if it's normal Russian foods?
Definition of bizarre: :strikingly out of the ordinary: as
a :odd, extravagant, or eccentric in style or mode
b :involving sensational contrasts or incongruities
So if an American was eating this food, wouldn't the definitions apply?There is nothing offensive about it. It's just strikingly different from the food we eat. ;)
That meat gelatin stuff looks like cat food! 😷
Raw pig fat sounds appetizing, tbh... It's just like chicharrón! Fried pork skin with the fat still stuck on it.... That's the best part! 😋😋😋
As someone who grew up in a Polish family this stuff isn't that bad looking. Also some of your employees are wimps when it comes to food.
WHAT! No borsch?!
Lol. So funny!!! Loved the what they would eat in the capital building of hunger games! But seriously us Russians do eat it all the time so to us its not bizarre. There are certain foods Americans eat thats bizarre. Make a video about that!
Does every single video posted offend someone? Like really it's food, and maybe American things it's bizarre because we don't fucking eat it here. Stop getting butt hurt and suck it up and enjoy the fucking video.
everything is bizarre for hipsters. They're not good critics
Being Russian, I find the title offensive but the video content is still great.
It's NOT RAW PIG FAT.... Idiots, it's CURED, that why it's so salty. STOP calling everything BIZARRE!!!! You know what is gross and bizarre????? Half of your PROCESSED AMERICAN foods.
It is my food and it's incredibly tasty!!!!!!!
Being Ukrainian and calling SALO "Russian" is actually offensive.
I'm Russian myself and I know what every kind of food this is and I personally dislike majority of it..
This is so dumb. They're talking shit about the Russian Bologna acting like it's worse than what Americans eat. Um at least it's a lot more naturally than the plastic, GMO filled meat that Americans eat. Along with the nasty tasteless salads that they eat. Idiots.
People get butthurt over too many things. Sure, it isn't bizarre to you, but it is to us.
I don't see how calling it bizarre is disrespect. It's FOOD.
How is saying bizzare rude?! If someone in russia made a video called russians trying bizzare american foods NOBODY over here would feel offended. get over yourselves.
Pee Jong this video is just fuckin racist. This is not "bizarre Russian food", its just the food we eat, and if Americans have no national cuisine it doesn`t mean others also shouldn`t.
Everyone is all upset about the word bizarre, get over yourselves. They've had "bizarre" american foods, "bizarre" jewish food, "bizarre" Midwestern foods and im all three and didn't get offended. Don't but so freakin soft skinned! Toughen up a bit! Hahaha
bizarre Russian food. Or as Russian's like to call it... food.
I love this video and A+ for trying! So funny, actually I know a lot of Ukrainians and Russians who hate some foods that been shown in a video! I noticed most of mine American friends like "Salo"
Bizarre people trying Russian Food For the First Time!! lol
These were not good foods to offer for a "tasting"!
All the foods that they ate in the video are appetizers and those are MEANT to be served with vodka, otherwise they taste not so great. There are many more Russian foods and dishes that could be displayed in this video that are even more popular and are actually delecious, so me being Russian, I'm telling everyone who reads this that this video doesn't portray any of the main courses of Russian kitchen. However, it was interesting watching this video!
i eat most of this stuff...pretty regularly.....its not bizarre, its russian.
I'm Russian & hate everything they showed.
Those are honestly the WORST Russian foods you can try, seriously?
Actually Russian food is tasty, that's just another anti Russia commercial
Ha ha this is exactly what my reaction was when I tried peanut butter. Now I love it!
They should add a warning message to this video "Russians without sense of humor do not watch it". I am russian by the way and it is hilarious video.
The title says try bizarre Russian food as in like someone chose the weirdest food in Russian to try like not normal to Americans but literally weird food and that's what's offensive to ppl not that it's not normal to other ppl
It's not only Russian food 😄
This video is so rude!!!! Just because Americans only understand their "culture"... which is a joke most of the time, that doesn't give you the right to mock so many of my favourite foods! RUDE, guys! Not cool at all!
Im Russian and I hate pork so most of this food is gross to me. There are better tasting russian foods they didnt taste because they are more universally liked than the bizarre ones they chose. I will never understand holodets either. I just don't like it. But salat olivier, herring, caviar, pickled anything, russian brown bread, drayniki, blintzi, and perozhki are the best.
I remember all these foods... There are even more strange Russian foods, at least strange to us who aren't russian
Russian food is way better than american food. And healthier.
Finally- something relating to Russia! Let's bridge the gap between America and the US already! Side note, you need beet horseradish for holodets! Love the video- thanks BuzzFeed!
the next one will be " americans try king's landing foods for the first time "
Imagine the Russians trying some American food and saying how shit it is, it would come off patronising yeah? And Americans may find foreign food disgusting regardless considering over 60% of Americans don't have passports, so go figure.
Americans eat bad meat and diary products that come from a test tube haha yeah Russian food is bizarre hahaha!!
Buzzfeed should change this into Americans bitching about Other country's food.
Lmao!!! Every country has some different foods, so as America!!!! Nothing wrong with Ukrainian / Russian food!!! It's good and healthy
I love russian food, but not the foods in this video ! They took the worst from the Russian kitchen ;) There is a lot of variety and a lot of tasty ones! Pirojki, Pilmeni, Borsh, Olivie and a lot of others.... :)
I'll be honest with you. I only watched this one hoping for a cameo from hot Russian guy.
Actually that salad taste so good here in russia...
People need to STFU with their "I am so offended!" comments on these foreign food videos. Take a second and watch some of the videos on Youtube of people from other countries eating OUR food and you will learn what it means to actually be offended. None of these Buzzfeed videos show anyone criticizing or saying bad things about these countries, they just don't always like the food. Yet most of the Brits/Australians/Koreans/Martians try American snacks videos are FILLED with fat jokes, diabetes jokes, talking about how unhealthy and processed our foods are. THAT is offensive, this is just funny while still respecting their country even if the food isn't to everybody's liking.
Russian food better then hamburger
They should have tried pirozhki and Russian salad.
It's all so delicious! How is it bizarre if it's normal Russian food? I'm surprised they liked the pig fat the most O_o
That gelatin meat- Americans love it. The American version of it calls HeadCheese made of pork tongue. The Russian one is just made of beef or chicken and spices. And the Herring under coat, omg Americans buy it almost everyday for lunch. My family owns Russian deli in MD and 45% customers are Americans. 😅☺️☺️☺️
Yes but look at Europeans, American people ,who looks better? Sorry but tons of Americans lost their human looks and a lot of ladies look like fat cows cause you guys eat gmos,pesticides,bunch of crap,birth control pills for breakfast and so many harmones. So why judging who look better ? Asians look good and Americans make fun of their food too .

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