Americans Try Balkan Food With Their Uber Driver

Americans Try Balkan Food With Their Uber Driver With Keith Habersberger
Americans Try Balkan Food With Their Uber Driver
Published on 11/23/2017
Americans Try Balkan Food With Their Uber Driver
With Keith Habersberger


yay! glad to see they did another video like this
This is super awesome. "I feel like I could fight 7 donkeys at once" 😂😂😂😂
"Just got married in 1987"
Great to see people really wanting to get to know and understand people from foreign countries rather than wanting to get rid of them because they are different. :D
For the first time I actually knew every dish they were eating, hooraayy!
Greetings from Croatia :)
Pozdrav iz Hrvatske :D
Getting to know others, and about their cultures, is how you get rid of hatred.
Baklavaaa 😍😍😍
buzzfeed never fails to impress
Next time try stuffed peppers Bosnian way and goulash yummmm
Ćevapi oh I miss you 😄😄😄
Oh man I want some burek and ćevapi!!!!
Serbian food is the best <3
Eto Balkanci se probili na BuzzFeedu hahaha ! Bernarda Svaguša
This is my favorite BuzzFeed video yet! Keep exploring new cultures and sharing them with us!!
try bukharian food next, its delicious
Balkan Foods are one of the best food ... once u taste it , u'll ask for more ...
Lidia LoncarMichaela Urnauer-AlilovićMia PudaMatea Puda now I'm hungry :(
Daniel Kraft Ljubljana <3
This made me smile. Thought you may enjoy it.. Goran Kralj Dejan Kralj Mladen Kralj :)
I'm so glad you're going to continue these! They're my favorite!!
I love these kind of videos!
Suzi Glavaš Aida Medija this vid. made me miss back home
I love you buzzfeed.
I want to do this!! It's going on my bucket list👍
freaking love this. would kill to see more videos like this BuzzFeed Video!
Petar Luketina
Yung Leon you are gonna try all this being at my house all the time heheheh
Gordana PrgometNikola CancarMia Mlivic 😂
"Right now I feel like I could fight like 7 donkeys at once" XD
I love how much diversity you guys are bringing into this world
Franka Zigic Emily Brzoja mađarice where are you ;:(
Kristina Jankovic Maja Milanovic Clara Mazzanti
I love these videos. It gives us insight on different cultures and foods.
Miki Milane :D Jelena Soskic Maja B Romanović :*
Irena Femic Jelena Soskic ❤️
Man ... Is this for real?
I cannot believe this dude!
These are all Turkish food, literally, all of those. But actually I can understand why they call it Balkan. It is because the Ottoman Empire had conquered the Balkan and so came the Ottoman culture (so also the food) to the Balkan.
Jean Pierre Soso Milan Vidanović
Dragan Hristov Bukinac, Kosta Dodovski, Zivko Dodovski, Simonna Atanasova Nom Nom!!
Andrea Biro wanna eat burek again
I wanna go eat Balkan food with you <3 Cyrina D Hadad
Steve Bjelanovic Stefanie Krasic Miles Krasic Tati Ana Mihajlo Todorovic Aleksandar Todorovic
Becky Weaver next time you go
I really want to try Balkan cuisine now. Everything looked so good!
Igor Lukic and Melissa Carpenter
Love this...great way to get a peak inside some of the cool, interesting and fun things about other cultures/countries! All my closest friends are living close to me, but are from far away countries. That would be great if you made more videos like this.
I was glad to see them make a video starring the cab driver and his journey to america very interesting!
Alexander Gesos an solchen Jugos, verbessere ich mein Englisch-Jugo Akzent 😂😂
Sabina this is amazing! They tried burek and cevapi omg
Our food Elma Omukic :D (Y)
Kebapi ne chevapi :)

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