Americans Try Armenian Food With Their Driver

Americans Try Armenian Food With Their Driver
Americans Try Armenian Food With Their Driver
Published on 10/18/2017
Americans Try Armenian Food With Their Driver


I read that as "Americans try American Food" and I got really confused until I re-read the title.
"Do you put toast in your burrito?" That made me laugh so hard.
omg kebbeh is not meat stuffed in intestines no way! Its ground beef, onions, spices stuffed inside a dough made of cracked wheat (bulgur) and the beef tartar as you call it
I wouldn't mind trying it... it looks good!! I need to find armanian friend..
they forgot the lahmadjoun haha
This is typical Lebanese Food. I know Armenian dishes, none was served in this video !
Ahhh, the food of my people <3 #Armenian
I love these videos. Just sayin'!
Every Armenian knows that his mom makes the best dolma ☺️
this was honestly pretty cool ^.^ I like these diversity moments
Attention please!!!! YOU HAVE BEEN FOOLED!!! That is definitely not armenian food and you were not in a real armenian restaurant! As someone who is pure armenian and lives in Armenia, I can tell you for sure, that was not armenian food, and that kebbah thing in fact is called "ichli qufta" which is minced meat with spices, covered with bulghur (crushed wheat), there's no intestine in our around it! Most of the food you ate is lebanese, turkish and NOT armenian for sure! Want to eat real Armenian food, you are welcome to Armenia! No offense to anyone, but that man fooled you, or didn't even know what his country's food culture is about! Thanks for attention.
Armenian food is the best hands down
I love these videos y'all do, we should all be learning about and experiencing different cultures, food is an excellent way to do that. Bravo!
Did anyone tell these fools that they were in a Lebanese restaurant eating PURE LEBANESE food??? And the kebbeh is Not made of intestines!! It's mince meat with wheat ( burghol) and mince meat and pine seeds stuffing! Even the decoration screams Lebanese. And since when do Armenians have belly dancers?😳😳
so you ate Turkish/Greek food made by Armenians. oh how typical of them to tell you that its Armenian food.
Why can't this be my job
Armenian food man Jaz Sandhu
Could've just said Mediterranean Food , Not Armenian At all 🙄
Have u guys done anything on Lebanese food?
I just want to correct that the kebbeh is not minced beef inside intestines . It's inside of a pocket made of bulgur. I don't think the driver understood what Henry asked him about.
Trying new/different food is an everyday thing for me. I can't just eat one (or five) kinda cuisine, man! The world has too many good things!!! I cook a lot too, so I'll Google "*insert country's name* or *specific region within a country* recipes", find something (something easy to start with) and get cooking! I've mastered a few cuisines, including Thai, and also got a shelf full of homemade spice mixes, including a killer version of Ras-El-Hanout, which I use a LOT!
this makes me crave lebanese food
I am the first one. I am the chosen one.
I LOVE this! As a child of immigrants, I appreciate when people take time to learn about other cultures.
I just wanna say that I really love these segments. I think they are so sweet and nice. Plus I'm also jelly that you all get to try all of these different foods. xD Love you all!
And then our table has fire on it.
Now I have to go to that restaurant! 😋
I LOVE THIS BUZZFEED!! <3 This taps into the lives of your everyday Uber, Lyft, or cab driver by giving people a different perspective. We all have stories and these drives have some of the best since they came from different places in the world. You can learn a lot from people.
Dolma is not Armenian..kebab is like we all have in our dishes even dolma too. But this dolma that they served it is Azerbaijan version.. For my opinion all kavkaz dishes are delicious.
Keith narrating👌
So hangry now😩
I am Armenian but never tried any of those food from that table
Still waiting on the Salvadorian food one😂😂❤️
I would love to try Armenian food one day
Wait until you try Persian food <3 Armenian food looks good though:)
"Do you put toast in a burrito?" 😩😂😂😂😂 dying laughing!
Rice is good in pita wtf hahah
Its the same as middle eastern food ...
My best buddy is Armenian and I swear the food is Europe's best kept secret.
can i work for buzzfeed. goddamnnn
This looks so GOOD does anyone know where I can find one in New Zealand? ? ;~;
I thought I would see more southern food than that some of those things I have never even tried before. Was funny though
Badass!!!! Yall jus found a new series!!!! Please oh please find a jamaican driver!!!!
So this is a job? And how do I sign up?
Ty guys! This was awesome
Just wanted to say that you guys have inspired me to do an "around the world" kind of thing at home. Every week we pick a new place and look for a recipe fro this place and cook it...lots of fun.
This video was made a thousand times better by there commentary.
Love the idea and Armenian food!
Video froze at 2:22 & won't load anymore for me! Last thing I hear is "Henry found a weird looking tree." "It's pretty cool."

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