Americans Test Their Midwest Knowledge

Americans Test Their Midwest Knowledge
Americans Test Their Midwest Knowledge
Published on 12/10/2017
Americans Test Their Midwest Knowledge


Buzzfeed employees are stupid.... no surprise.
Proof education of geography is on its way out...
No wonder all of your articles are about genitals and food. You have idiots working for you guys.
Thank god no one had to label Kansas City, that shit still confuses me
Being from Idaho, this was painful to watch.
I'm from Iowa and could tell you every state on both coasts. What's wrong with these people? 😐
As a Minnesotan this was just sad.. Please tell me I was not the only one yelling at my phone as I watched this.
This is just sad.
I used to know where all of the 50 states were located by heart but I deleted that info from my mind because what does it really matter if I know them? It doesn't make my life any better or worse nor does it help me in my line of career sooo....
I just named off all of those in literally 10 seconds with no issue at all, what the hell why... this is pathetic lmfao
I didn't know there was such stupidity in a little amount of people
Idahoans collectively shake their heads in disappointment
As a Californian I can say I don't know where any of these states are......sorry guys
Why would anybody really care if somebody didn't know where Montana or Kansas was? Is it truly that personally insulting that someone doesn't know where your home state is? I'm from Maine and every time we had a snowstorm the Weather Channel either referred to us as Northern New England or barely even had the state on the screen. But I didn't lose sleep over it... Build a bridge and get over it.
Poor idaho us idahoans know where it is so at least there's that😝
How can Missouri be a Midwest state in this video but in the best barbecue video be a southern state. Come on buzzfeed
It is not "wiscaaaansin" 😡😒
This video makes me feel like Indiana is literally so irrelevant to the United States. We suck lol.
DO NOT FEEL BAD AT ALL! It's okay for "Americans" to be unaware of the existence of some States of the Union. Be worry though, because a high percentage of "Americans" think all Asians look alike, because they think if isn't English is Spanish even in Japan. Be worry because they think the "illegal" term is for Mexicans only....
Get a map people!
How could they not get Illinois, the president is from here, Batman was filmed here, Chicago is in the news constantly for shootings, oh wait scratch that last one I forgot the media doesn't report black on black violence.
I'm surprised people didn't at least know Illinois. Cause you know Chicago is one of the biggest cities in the United States lol.
I'm from California and know where all those states were. Egh
I do recall the "Americans taste southern BBQ for the first time" video and someone commenting and labeling TEXAS as the Midwest.. Yeah here you go ASSFACE.
I'm from the Midwest and I know all the states, these people are stupid lol
I don't even think Americans are dumb based off of these videos anymore, just the actors in them
Midwest born and raised<3 this was tooooo easy! But I would be the same way about the northeast
Haha this was funny. Idk how anybody from the Midwest could get offended by this. I'm from iowa. It's not like people have their eye on the Midwest for vacations lol I did live in Virginia for a while and everybody thought I grew up on a farm just because I'm from iowa.
How about western states I'd like them put Texas up then have no damn idea
And Idaho is not even in the Midwest.
I've lived in Chicago my whole life and probably couldn't do this lol except for Wisconsin and Indiana
I'm not even form the U.S. And I knew most of these! My good lord BuzzFeed send you're employees back to school XD lol
Well clearly we only took and passed geography in the MIDWEST!! What a bunch of dumb assholes!! 😠😠😡😤😢😢😢
Idaho is not a Midwest state?
Watching from Indiana like: "really bro?" xD
This just shows are ignorant and stupid people are. I'm from the Midwest and can label every state in the country, I think everyone should be able to do so too. This video is so annoying
Why is Idaho on here? It's not the Midwest.
This is painful to watch lol, IDAHO isn't even on the midwest.. people always confuse us potatoe heads with Ohio. -_-
ouch, that hurt. "is Indiana in the Midwest" SMH
if any state anyone should know people should know where new york, florida,illinois,california,georgia , alabama and michigan are because of their famous cities
Dumbass liberal Common Core education.
I'm from Iowa and yall are some dumb arrogant mother fuckers
how do u label Wisconsin as illinois?? HOW????!!!!!
These people are idiots... Originally from Colorado, now live in the midwest and knew these... now granted... I'm kinda with everybody else on the Idaho thing... poor Idaho hahaha
when some one says why would americans had to know europe(or etc.) states when others dont know american states is really bs now ... americans dont know even their own states
And they call those of us from the MidWest stupid....SMH lol
These people are idiots. Watching this video did not make me laugh, it started to hurt to watch. And very sad that this outlet let them on their Youtube channel.
How do you not know where Missouri is? Well...we're not really in the news (excepting Ferguson), so never mind.
Why can't I be on these buzzfeed videos? Always has to be some idiots!
>from indiana lol completely offended XD
I'm from Illinois they got Illinois wrong twice that's okay just laughed at them lol

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