Americans Learn Foreign Pickup Lines

Americans Learn Foreign Pickup Lines
Americans Learn Foreign Pickup Lines
Published on 10/21/2017
Americans Learn Foreign Pickup Lines


"I feel like it's a lot easier pretending to be sexy in another language, because I have no idea what I'm saying" :p
Omg. Spanish can do better than "que onda, chica?"
The Arabic one. That's not even.. Wut. That's not how you say it at all.
If you want to flirt a girl in Spanish, you can say "Estás bien pinche buena, hay que coger" It means, hey you're a cute and nice girl 😂 😂 😂
I ship the Russian and French people.
"Is that girl you wanna bang?" OMG😳😂😂😂
The woman who tried to teach the French, you can tell she's American because of her awful accent lmao
Say bae to someone from denmark :)))
God that Russian dude was so hot. In every way
I feel like a lot of this was just learning to say pick up lines in a foreign language, not foreign pick up lines...Maybe pick up lines are just mostly the same wherever u go?
"Qué onda, guapa?" Come on! If you open with that WE WILL RUN.
Spanish can be way better than that....
That Russian guy definitely got pussy after this.
Eai gatinha, tudo bem?
If anyone wants to try a pick-up line in Irish(because why not?), we use 'Cailin bainne agus scamaill sa speir' that means 'I couldn't help but notice your beautiful smile'...phonetically that is 'col-eeen bon-ya aw-gus scom-ill suh spare'. You're welcome (ta failte romhaibh)!
The Russian and French people should go out
That not even close to Arabic -.-
Bent Zwina? That's not formal arabic, that's moroccan arabic.
A ninguna chica le gustaría 'Qué onda guapa'.... Tal vez guapa, pero 'Qué onda' NO
Please don't say that in Brazil! Last time that was used probably by my grandpa! Lol!
"que onda guapa?" really? why?!??!! that is a total turn off and any girll would consider you stupid or annoying! should have said, "mamacita ud es mas hermosa que una rosa y sus ojos paresen como dos estrellas brillantes que son mas lindos que el universo entero." NAILED IT! -.- lol
also include pakistani pick up lines
These aren't foreign pick up lines! They're regular pick up lines in foreign languages! Disappointed, Buzzfeed.
Filipinos will get this one
Guy: papapulis kita.
Girl: baket?
Guy:kase... Lumilipad yung eroplano.
.... Galing mo talaga boy pickup!
I want to work for BuzzFeed
the french girl had a weird french accent
That wasn't spanish....that was mexican slang...get it straight buzzfeed
Omar watch and learn (p.s you will never find anything in german i think they don't have any pick up lines :P )
That was urdu not Hindi,khoobsurat is an Urdu word.
Italian phrases are sexy. Always a good language to say something in
That Russian 🇷🇺, was lame 👎.... Bad accent. Russian is probably not his first language, AND there are WAYYYYY BETTER pick up lines. If you go to a Russian speaking girl with that pick up line, she will walk away without looking back. #FakeRussian
yea, buzzfeed has been horny lately
This is probably one of my favorite buzzfeed videos!
2:12 buzzfeed need some arabic fonts XD
The Russian pick up line was THE BEST!!!
If you wanna pick up a Hispanic girl just lightly caress Her face & say pinche puta 😍
All of the pickup lines are acceptable except the one in Spanish.
"...For the first time" come on buzzfeed. Your hipsters do everything for the first time.
The Brazilian guy forgot to say that if you repeat that sentence to anyone from another portuguese speaking country that isn't Brasil, the other person is just going to laugh at your face. It literally means "Hi, pussycat, is everything alright?" in a funny accent xD
"I feel like i just called u a hoe!"... And if some guy said... "Que onda chica!" to me... I would walk the other way. U can do better than that honeeeeyy!!! 😂
Thomas May, please learn Croatian pickup lines! Your mother can teach you!
That's Moroccan Arabic you can say insted "esh ya helwa" means what's up pretty girl.
Lol I always teach the same line "e ai gatinha, tudo bem?" They can't ever say gatiNHA, so gatiNa it is haha
ok am an Arab and that's so wrong its bent helwa
My man overies exploded for that Russian dude!
eaí,gatinha, tudo bem? hahhaha
I need to learn these and pick up some cuties ;) Nanci in every language!
"iai gatinha"
Bnt zouina is actually not arabic :/ it's Moroccan or Algerian maybe .. they are arabs but they don't talk full arabic... the real meaning is ya helwa = hey beautiful
Yo that russian guyy. Im leaving youuu @mi

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