American's Try Sushi For The First Time

American's Try Sushi For The First Time
American's Try Sushi For The First Time
Published on 10/18/2017
American's Try Sushi For The First Time


I want to slap these people.
Who, that isn't a toddler, hasn't had sushi?!?
“American's?” Seriously? With he apostrophe? How about a video called, “Americans Learn English Grammar For the First Time?”
The blonde girl.
NOPE nOpE nOpe.
Sushi is life. These people are what's wrong with the world. Larriane
Why? Salmon sushi taste like heaven in the mouth!
No apostrophe needed
I love Sushi! & the Hispanic guy "I hope it taste like ceviche" lol
I love how the white people couldn't handle the Wasabi, lol weak shit
Sushi is disgusting. And yes, I have tried it many times. Not a fan.
Ceviche is the bomb!
Uncultured swine
i <3 SUSHI
Really...That was like childs sushi. Sushi, correctly prepared sushi, is absolutely amazing! Also, either that salmon was bad, or they're just a bunch of weenies cause salmon isn't slimy. None of it is 'slimy'.
Pretty please remove that apostrophe s! So painful to look at...
Why are we wasting some good ass sushi on people who don't like to eat it? Give it here instead.
What the heck blonde girl sushi is so delicious!
"I feel like I'm eating muscle." Well no fucking shit.
His reaction to Wasabi tho XD
"It feels like I'm eat muscle." ...WHAT DO YOU THINK MOST OF THE MEAT YOU EAT IS?!
The rolls are better! And of course the Spanish dude had the best experience.
How do people hate sushi? Then again I'm Asian
"i wana see some grill marks" hahaha "holy spicy"
Something is wrong here. Sushi, when made right, is heavenly.
What is wrong with them? All of those are soooooo yummy!
WTF is wrong with these people sushi is friggen awesome.
What planet are these people from? This is 2014, right?
"i hope it taste like ceviche" 😂😂😂😂😂 Forteen Lopez
There are so many different kinds of sushi. I think Maki rolls are good for beginners.
What rock do these Americans live under? Sushi is everything!
I think raw salmon takes time getting to appreciate. I rmb when I was younger, and i tried my first raw salmon (around the age of 10), it was absolutely the grossest thing ever. Now it's easily one of my favourites.
You don't start sushi newbies out on nigiri! You'll scare them off forever! They probably would've loved uramaki. But I guess that wouldn't have been as funny. :/
Rene Rashed
Luisa Fernanda Martinez Tatiana Serna Chayanna Chachi Santana Luisa got sushi last night lol
Roxanne Reeder Hiromi Campbell Courtney Bullard that guy eating wasabi 😂
Sushi is amazing. These people dun kno.
Juliette ClementJulie CremersEleanor Bradshaw the first two chicks are me
Healthier than a hamburger.
Sushi is fucking gross lol
Andrew Le what the fuck is wrong with these people
Are those reactions real? Why those people have to be such assholes?
Hanae Wilding totally unrelated but we should get together and make sushi sometime
Have these people lived under a rock for many years?
you can't even call that sushi, it's sashimi. sashimi is raw fish sushi is everything else. like the California roll is like cream cheese avocado and something else. it's not bad. my favorite is when it has like cooked japanese steak or chicken in it in soy paper. it's perfection at that point.
1. raw fish do not stink if it is fresh
2. you don't just eat the salmon and tuna straight raw u have a wasabi and a packet of soya sause for you to dip with through that the fish would not be so slimy -.-
Omg Sam Edwards Kalinka Anna these people don't like sushi. Those monsters. I can eat that stuff everyday.
"I hope it tastes like ceviche" hahaha
Robert Scott, Janet Gentry-Scott
Lol me when I first tried sushi😂 Aj Villa Chering Su Emily FungKarina Wong
Jasmin Hui Rachel Lam We could eat more than 6 salmon sushi each time😂 look at those ppl

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