Amazing skill

Amazing skill
Amazing skill
lol hair skill ear
Published on 10/23/2017
Amazing skill


Until some one loses a ear
This reminds me of "You don't mess with Zohan!" lol 😂
That's cool but Fuken dangerous
Its just trying to be a clever cunt ! He's not cutting any better than any other pro hairdresser just he's using a different technique which looks rediculous if u ask me .
And the price is 120 dollar's 😑😑😑
Amai knap
That's crazy
This is no skill he screwed her hair that's what he did
Eller hun😳
Ha that's mental
Where to buy this scissor? :-D
I no U was end up with no ears left. Lol xxx
Is this a dummy or a woman sitting there ??
😂😂😂😂 may be lol
I would be afraid I would be left with no hair 😱
So clever x
Kind of looks like he cut it uneven, or is it just me?
Zohan's apprentice
If you notice they aren't singing while flipping the hair that's just for show.
Good barber
te atrebes orale
What a amazing idea but u meast her hair
Amazing :o
If anyone in Victoria can do this you got a job at my salon LOL
Edwarda Scissorhands off. ^3^ but meh i would
Be like NOPE! *runs out*
Hög effektivitet
Lol she might want to put bandages on the ears 🙈💇🙋🙅👍
Scissor hand
saaary baaal zaya kr diye..
I like that....
Ha ha
But the hair cut is awful, like a mullet.
It looks like his missed and got his trousers .
Aaron O'Connor..brilliant.. Think will ur mom let me practice that on her lol
Haha id say so wit a few can haha 😆🐒
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