Alright. Who's down to try this?

Alright. Who's down to try this?
Alright. Who's down to try this?
awesome fun philippines
Published on 10/18/2017
Alright. Who's down to try this?


For those asking, this zipline is located at Lake Sebu in the Philippines. Seven Line Falls is the place.
Esto si es una grandiosa aventura! Acepto el reto, desde Venezuela***
This is awesome. Fuck I wish I wasn't a felon
Me want this!!!
I would definitely do this.
try tis at boracay.. mount luho zipline... 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽or maybe zipwire at nami island south korea.. both awesome...
Gotta build one of these!
i really wanna try this..
I wanna try this ....
I will definitely do this
I wanna try this! Deym! 👊🏼
I def wanna try this
I totally would... next time I'm in the Philippines... oh yeah... not sure when I'll get around to that though.... Amazing tho../
Would be more fun if a group of Flying Fox (Giant Bats) flew next to him.
I'm down ! Wonder where this is ???
I wanna do that.. aะ....😱
I would definitely want to do this!!
I would like to try it
Looks like fun to me..
Woooow i wanna try ❤️ Pearlys
Wtf! Haha sarap nyan
I'll definitely do this Maritza
Would want to try this
توفي Ahmed 😂😂 تصعدون
انت ادري بيك متخاف اول واحد تصعد Amr
i want to try this..
Like Luke and Nikki at Baguio😜
Bro, we gotta do this 😆🙌
Check this out guys.
Hell no ...looks amazing though
Hell yeah! Now i gotta go
Lindsay You're down for this right? Vivien
Jocelyn I wont try roller coasters but I'll try this though! :D
Hell yeah! I really really really wanna try this !!!!!!
Kerry Harris something for you guys to try out :)
I wanna try this, Awesome
I wanna try this amazing show
Hell yeah I do that in a heartbeat!
I would definitely do this
This is awesome can't wait to try it
Hope Dankwah at first I was like okay not so bad... 30sec in I'm like hell naw. I would've died cause there's no turning back lmao
Awesome, it's like you're flying!!!!
Nidia remember this? Lupita remember? Puerto Vallarta! I want to try this one where ever it is.
Devin Keilberg surprised mhe didn't drop the GoPro.... But if we're ever in the Philippines, let's try this!
Awesome, I wanna try.
wow... definitely wanna give a try...
Ill do this one Gary Jones. Those jungle carnival rigging dudes almost never screw up.
I wanna try this!!!😍😍😍
wow so interested. Wanna try
Rollercoasters are more frightening then this. I can do this. This is only fun. But I can't try rollercoasters. :)

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