Adult Things You Didn't Learn In College

Adult Things You Didn't Learn In College
Adult Things You Didn't Learn In College
Published on 10/18/2017
Adult Things You Didn't Learn In College


Aye, the only people who don't know this are college students who have their college paid for and don't have any type of financial responsibilities. (SIDE NOTE:) Some people are getting all sad because they do not understand what I am trying to say... All I'm saying is that when you are handed everything and don't have to work for a single dime, it becomes much harder for a person to learn basic principles of life. YES they don't teach you this shit in college. However, the majority of people don't know half of this stuff because they've never been put into a situation where the absolutely HAD to learn or where they wanted to learn. This is what I meant. Okay people?
Clearly none of these people worked their own way through college.
Please tell us what college these kids graduated from so the rest of the country can avoid it.
I'm 13 I know what almost all of these are...
These have to be paid actors. No one is this stupid. How do you not know what a 401k or a W-4 is?
College isn't supposed to prepare for the real world. It's supposed to make you look better by the companies or institutions that hire. If you did well in college, you show signs of having no problems of learning the job.
So hostile towards college students. Excuse college students for wanting to pursue higher education in a field that sparks their interest. This video is proof you can learn what those things are in less than 5 minutes, which is why I believe they don't teach it in college. Lol
It's FA*F*SA, not FA*S*FA.
This was totally me. I was so engrossed in the academic world and my parents took care of this stuff. Now I am a high school guidance counsleor at 22 and I'm teaching my kids this. Live and learn people. Stop spreading judgement and spread knowledge.
I never went to college and I've been doing my own taxes since I started working at 14. I started paying bills when I was 16. I moved out when I was 19. I bought a house when I was 22. I'm confused as to why educated people seem to take longer to grow up and stop relying on their parents. If you don't know how to live in the real world, it's time to throw yourself into it!
It's pretty easy to go through college and not learn this type of stuff. You aren't required to take a personal finance class at most colleges.
You learn "nothing" in college 😒
High school should be teaching this stuff.
I'll be graduating in two months, and this vid has made me realize that the only thing I learned with regard to finance was how to make a deposit or withdrawal from a bank! Thanks for the crash course, BuzzFeed. o.O
Wait... Are we slamming people for not knowing what these are? Some people have never had a reason to learn about all these. Yes it might seem surprising but imagine a full time student who only works during the summer break and does not pay tax and who isn't taught and of these. Such a person would probably not know about all of them. It is wrong to insult people for being highly formally educated but not knowing some of these things. We all know college alone doesn't fully equip you for the real world. Only real work experiences in similar conditions can do that. And not everyone has those. I got really happy reading the comments about people who did not go to college and have great jobs and are happy. It shows that hard work does pay off, college degree or no college degree. Please stop insulting people who do not know as much as you do. Thank you.
These people are allowed to vote?
They don't teach you this in school because it's suppose to be common knowledge, or at least something you learn quickly when it's relevant to you.
These are college kids who don't have student loans coming out of their ears, work two jobs, and play a sport. I've been doing my taxes for years. I knew what all of these were in high school. I feel sorry for these people. They need to be informed.
Everyone here criticising them and calling them rude names, really…? Instead of helping them you're doing the opposite…
Why do people think it makes you better because you decided not to go to college and had to face all these realities sooner on top of making life more difficult. . . . so you became a plumber right out of high-school while some went to college and are leving the dream . . you must be so proud
did he really take a skepticism class? i have my doubts...
I knew all this in high school. I don't think college is a real reflection. College prepares you for a "perfect" real world. Not the actual real world. But I didn't finish pursuing my degree so what do I know, according to a lot of "educated" people.
Exactly why I joined the military after doing one year of college and realizing it doesn't prepare you for the real world. Literally learned more in one day in the military then my entire year at college. Now they'll pay for my college when I get out 😊
I refuse to believe that this is an accurate representation of seniors in college. I knew what all of these things were before I graduated. These must be people who have had mommy and daddy pay for everything their entire lives.
This is exactly why a college degree KID that graduates shouldn't get paid more than me, with 10 years of experience. . Just because you went to college doesn't make you more qualified then me!
Even though I didn't major in accounting, I took a class in college that taught me all about retirement funds.
I'm a high school senior and I learned this last year. That's ridiculous.
These people do no represent the majority, they should definitely know most of those terms, and even if they didn't college only needs to prepare you for your career, not how to live an adult life. Ask your fucking parents or a friend if you're that clueless about your W-4. I know denouncing colleges is like all the rage right now because of how expensive it is but it certainly isn't pointless, there is a worth in going to school.
I am a college student and I know what EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE ARE. This made me cringe, especially the w-4 and credit score one. YIKES. This doesn't speak for the students, it speaks for the educators.
You bitter bunnies just love to insult. A large amount of college students don't know this information.
The problem is people only bother to learn what's put in front of them and force-fed. Ask your own questions and search for knowledge. I'm in my 3rd year and I've learned these things already by choice.
Thank you mother that I'm not an idiot that doesn't know that an IRA and the IRS are two completely different things👌 Kari Rosinsky Harvick. And for the record, business classes talk significantly about 401K that guy clearly texts through his classes😂😂
College Freshman right here and I learned about those things in MIDDLE SCHOOL. I don't know about these parents, but sure as heck my parents wanted me prepared at an early age for the terrors of adulthood.
I can't believe that business major said he's paying 40k PER YEAR in tuition but doesn't know what a W-4 or a 401K is... you can learn that at a community college for about $2,000 a year...
And even though we are living in one of the wealthiest countries in the world, a large number of families still struggle financially, which is why our company World Financial Group (WFG) is on A National Campaign For Financial Literacy! Our mission is to help people move from financial insecurity to financial independence. Our vision is to build a worldwide business, and revolutionize the financial services industry, to help resolve the consumer's dilemma--lack of understanding, planning and support. Watch this very informative 35 minute video presentation about how you can build your financial future
lol I can't believe how many people are upset that some of these students probably had their college paid for by their parents..
What they don't tell you is that relying on 401k and IRA is basically gambling with your retirement. Sure you can get good returns if the economy is good, but it doesn't protect you from market crashes, god forbid you hit 60 and the stock market tanks and you lose your whole retirement.
We teach classes and hold workshops for free to help the society better understand these things. If you're in the Seattle area you definitely should take advantage of it! 😀
I can see where they are coming from. I took a personal financing class in college so I'm familiar with all these terms but that was an elective class. Aside from that class, I didn't hear these terms come up in any of my other classes. It still doesn't excuse them for not knowing at least what W-4 and credit score is. They must have never work in their life.
Now I'm all set for the real world! Thanks buzzfeed! Lol
Lol, the majority of the commenters here are the idiotic ones.
I've worked since the age of 14, I've been to 6 different schools, my father was EXTREMELY high up in the corporate world, I live away from home, yet I don't know any of these. Does that mean I haven't worked hard enough? Fuck no. This is NOT common knowledge. Instead of telling people they're dumbasses for not knowing something that NO ONE bothered to teach them, how about encourage them to learn?
Jesus fucking Christ, people are a lost cause nowadays. You wonder why kids today rebel, when everyone degrades them for things out of their control.
So I'm assuming if you graduated from the Buzzfeed University then you'll be the most perfect person and be ready for the real world!
To all the people bashing postsecondary education or the people receiving it, it's not for this purpose. These are things you pick up from a parent or other role model, or hell, even online, when you need to. They don't need to yet, so they don't know what these things are. I'm not sure why anyone should blame their college for not teaching them "real-life" things. You're in school to learn school things. You live life to learn life things. Life's a process of figuring your shit out. And you don't do that until you absolutely have to.
Don't know about other districts, but the high school I went to required every senior to take an economics class where all these terms were taught.
These kids obviously did not have to work to pay their tuition, books, and supplies.
This video is so true. My ex-gf, graduated with a BA, now going to MA program, doesn't know any of those terms.
These students are probably people that never worked a day while in school and their patent paid for everything
They have been educated in their majors and prepared for their future careers, and they could probably show us all up in their fields. I hate to break the news to you all, but I haven't heard of any classes called "how to do your taxes 101" or "what to do when you retire 300". So who really is to blame here? The only reason I know these terms is because I work at a tax preparation company. But let me tell you, there was no opportunity to learn about this stuff in high school or at college. For people to call these students stupid or that they didn't take full advantage of their education is very unfair and immature. You want to know what these all mean?! Go to Don't need a college education for that. Stop being so thick.

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