Adoptable Dogs Try Fancy Food

Adoptable Dogs Try Fancy Food
Adoptable Dogs Try Fancy Food
Published on 12/11/2017
Adoptable Dogs Try Fancy Food


Also, please please PLEASE consider adopting a less-adoptable dog! It might be one that's over 5, or a pit mix, or an all-black dog. These dogs have so much love to give, and it's hard to see them passed over time and time again for the cute little dogs.
even a cat person cannnot deny how cute these pups are
That pit bull puppy.
I'll take them all
Lol I half expected them to tell us about their experience eating the food at the end, like other buzzfeed videos :p
This is adorable as hell! BUT I let my dog eat fancy food once and then he refused to eat anything else...hopefully that doesn't happen to these guys!<3
I saw my baby Zeus on Facebook and they were gonna put him down unless someone adopted him. I drove 6 hours to get him and it's the best decision I've ever made! ADOPT DONT SHOP.
Adopt, don't buy.
When you buy a dog from a breeder you are killing another dog that is sitting in a shelter that is looking for a loving home. Always adopt, also, dont just ignore the older dogs at kennels, or breeds that aren't little dogs or labs. They all need homes and loving families.
only about 35% of dogs get adopted :( that fact made me sad
Aww! I want panda and lebowski! So cute 😍
"Dogs who have a home are thought to live longer and be healthier"
Doesn't that go without saying?
I want to adopt bubba, how do I get in contact with someone?
Omg I love Bubba!
Thank you for giving shelter animals a voice.
Puppy bellies are the freaking cutest thing ever. 😁💕
I'm a cat person, I have the strongest urge to cuddle with each dog in this video.
Yay Buzzfeed for promoting adoption!
People need to spay and neuter their pets!!
Adopt, don't shop! :)
Lebowski, that's a great name for a pet. Big or not.
I loved this!!! Hopefully the number of dogs adopted increases and he number of dogs euthanized decreases! I hope to start my own animal shelter in Chicago someday!
Omg, Odin is the cutest thing!
Adopt. Don't shop! 🐶♥️
Thank you for including bullies. I believe they are awesome dogs, I have three :)
My fave Buzz article yet.
Panda was adorbs,and so was Lebowski c:
Great video, but please stop perpetuating the idea that "teacup" anything is a real breed. It's a little contradictive to the message you are trying to send. "Teacup" dogs are puppy mill disasters.
Simply do a search for the truth about teacup dogs.
Sometimes I spend whole meetings wondering how they got the big meeting table through the door
Bubba 😍.
I want Panda and Odin!!!
Best Buzzfeed video ever! 😍❤️
People how say they don't want to adopt a older dog "cuz is gonna die soon" don't know what they are missing.
First, they are the most grateful dogs that you can possible get.
Second, if they are going to die soon, why don't you dedicate your love and time to give them a great end? They probably have been rejected for the hole life, why don't give them the best final years they can possible have??
#AdoptTheOldOnes #AdoptTheLessAdoptaples
I have two already if I could keep adopting I would. 😭💔
I wish i could adopt moreee but my house is already full of rescues!
I hope you all consider adopting a pet. They all deserve a second chance, if not try donating or doing some volunteer work at your local animal shelter. Help save a life before it's too late.
Please consider everyone! 😀😀❤💕❤💕❤💕🐕🐕🐕🐕
I want Bubba!!
I have a 110 lb mastiff mix that I rescued. I LOVE clara bell and bubba <3
Thank you, Buzzfeed! Please adopt! But also don't forget about the number of cats euthanized each year! Shelters are overpopulated with cats.
Thank you for bringing attention to an extremely important issue and great cause. :)
Adorable. Odin is my fave!
Make one about cats!!
That poodle mix. 😍
مائدة طعام للكلاب :-)
Where can I adopt?
I am going to smack the next person who calls their chihuahua a teacup! Read the breed standard people. Chihuahuas are only supposed to be 4 to 5 pounds full grown!

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