A Straight Girl’s Adventures With Eating Ass

A Straight Girl’s Adventures With Eating Ass (WARNING: This video contains sexually explicit content.)
A Straight Girl’s Adventures With Eating Ass
Published on 11/17/2017
A Straight Girl’s Adventures With Eating Ass
(WARNING: This video contains sexually explicit content.)


We live in a world where people eat ass, but freak out if you double dip a chip. 😂
I read the title and I... I just... I can't decide if I want to hit play or not...
Buzzfeed after dark, lmAo! 😂😂
Hahaha.. Wtf buzzfeed been on some freaky shit lately.. 50 shades month or what.. Haha
Next video should be on eating pussy !!! There's a lot of men who don't know how !!!!
Y'all getting butthurt over this video .. Butthurt . 😂
I'm just here for the comments. I'm not even gonna bother watching the video.
My face when I read the title 😳
My butt is a no lick zone. I don't shit where I eat, and I don't eat where I shit. 🚫👌👅💩
Don't do mushrooms and watch buzzfeed
??? Are you People actually all new to this -_- smh
Don't tell me your sex life is just missionary all day everyday ?
I feel sorry for you
I watched this and still not encouraged to eat ass
"A four is good for butthole trimming." I just died xD
There is no need to eat ass when you have a perfectly good vagina and clitoris. IMHO.
"Why would anyone do it if it didn't feel good?" Hey, people like to do all sorts of things. They like to beat each other up, eat shit, drink urine, etc. Doesn't mean I'm missing anything. Mouth and anus....no, sorry. I'll keep those two things separate. Thanks.
I have one thing to say to all those who are commenting negatively.
p r u d e
what the fuck buzzfeed
I guess as a nurse all I can think about is all the diseases your invisible poop particles and bacteria can spread to your mouth. Hepatitis to name just one! 😖😷
"Curly: Experienced Homosexual" sounds like a career suited for me.
I'm really begining to hate this ass obsession that's taking over... You shit out of it.
"Shit comes out of there" NO WAY!! Periods come out of vaginas. Or worse. Infections. Yeast. Bacteria. You don't mind people eating your pussies. As long as you clean up and are not actively shitting into someone's mouth, I don't see the issue. To each their own, but using the argument "that's where you shit from" just doesn't seem like the best argument.
The title is bad for this. It's actually pretty interesting and educational in a safe setting. Not at all about sharing sex stories like the name implies.
#nothanks ✌️
I love that this was done in a serious and educational manner and not a bunch of analingous jokes.
About halfway through this video I looked out my window, stared at the clouds and said, "God, did you ever think this would happen?"
No wonder so many people talk shit nowadays.
I eat wayyy too much Chipotle to ever consider this an option. Half the time I get out of the shower and am like "DAMMIT... gotta poop again..." that and protein farts are hell and uncontrollable at times... just sayin
Why the front door is this the first thing I see when getting on facebook?
It might feel good but you guys.
Poop you guys.
I still don't want to lick someone's butthole....just me?
I feel like buzzfeed is trying to make us all sex freaks who just all freak each other... idk why
LMAO why did you put the chocolate covered donuts at the end? WHY?! 😂
My mom always said, "Don't knock it till you try it." But I don't think she meant this... 😕
I feel like a lot of yall haven't ever gotten your salad tossed. I also feel like it would help your lives out. Tight butthole is a real thing, not just a saying about people who are overly stressed. Just like any other muscle, you gotta give it a little love and attention 😝
You people are so vanilla haha
Been French kissing the puckered starfish since high school.
I will never "Eat ass" nor will anyone do it to me. Thats just right down nasty. Yall shit from their. I mean come the fuck on. What the hells wrong with people now day.
Talk about something that has never appealed to me in any way (giving or getting)
I'm not going to 'like' this video because I don't want it to show up on my timeline. That would be embarrassing!!
If you eat a chick out or suck a Dick you can eat an ass. Obviously make sure that person is clean but have way!!! Hahahaha
Y'all are acting like it's the end of the world 😂😂😂
I ain't eating no booty. Get a damn doo doo crumb.
Buttfeed. Lol
You wanna lick my puckered starfish? ⭐️
omg 45 second into this? I hear my name
I can't describe how happy I am that there wasn't a demonstration.
I'm not a prude or anything, and I like to consider myself open minded but honestly this is one thing I've never considered doing and doubt I ever will. Kinda like hard drugs, sure lots of people do them and say it's totally fun and safe, but still no thanks.
Why do you people have to judge other people's pleasures? Who the fuck cares if someone else likes to eat ass. If you and your partner don't, then how does someone else doing it effect you? You can read the fucking title. If ya don't like it, don't watch it.
"In the buffet of life, it can be chosen." LOL😂

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