a screw came out

a screw came out
a screw came out
lol prank haha screw
Published on 11/19/2017
a screw came out


After careful review, it looks like someone threw that bolt
I like how people don't get it was a prank c:
That is a messed up prank. So funny thou
The guy that picked the skrew up is the one who threw it
But nice prank
it was a prank on the kids saw it on the news
Someone threw the screw😂 lol
Let's go to the moon.
Haha fuck
Omfg lol
Oh heck NO
Wow! I would faint
O hell no lol
Nice prank lol
hope you enjoy this funny video :v :v just watch
I would kill someone once I was back on the ground.
too funny, poor girls, the ride is scary already without the screw missing haha
That a prank
that prank would kill me if i am the one that rides in it..lo
I thought he dropped a gun lop
Did they come back alive
He was scared shitless 😂😂😂
OMGG 😂😂😂 this is nuts
Fuck that hahahah
What about bolt
Let's go to the moon.
Hahaha is das gemein 😂
I would have died right there😳
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Omg that is why I don't like things like this
That would freak da $#*t out of me! Lol! 😂
Haha! !
Hahaahaha!!!!gawd!!!my jaw....hahahaha 😂😂😂
Britt Dorsett now dis would be a good way to scare the crap outta someone mwhahahha 😜
The one thing that you are looking at is your self
LMAO 7 days 1 hour and 53 minutes:)
I've done this in Guam before.😀
Im going to die😭😭😭
They threw it
Oh shit!!!!! lol
Haha so Jackie Ferrie I would be sicking on that mofo from the air lol

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