A Pakistani Points Out 6 Homeland Fails

A Pakistani Points Out 6 Homeland Fails
A Pakistani Points Out 6 Homeland Fails
Published on 12/10/2017
A Pakistani Points Out 6 Homeland Fails


Thank you for liking the video guys. Love the fact that an Buzzfeed, an American media platform signed up to correct the misrepresentation about Pakistan by an American show. Hope some of you could visit Pakistan one day as well. We may not be perfect in terms of security but we the people are trying hard to set things right.
"At least they got the flag right." Lmfaoooooo I am done.
Whoever wants to know about Pakistan should come here and see how beautiful land it is and how loving the people are :) instead of believing what they show on TV.
I am from India ! He's right !!! :)
That guy is incredibly handsome
People act like the U.S is the only country that fucks up when it comes to portraying different cultures in media...
I am an Indian and I totally respect what he says. Stop stereotyping. Nutshell my respects to Pakistani people.
Thank you for making this video. I was always thinking the exact same thing
Kudos to Buzzfeed for doing this video and this handsome Pakistani lawyer...because yay!
Ever since I watched veer zaara I have wanted to visit Pakistan 😍😍
Thank you BuzzFeed for making this video!
As a Pakistani myself I can assure you this is 100% authentic.
I watched 1/2 an episode of that show and knew it was bullshit and have never watched it since. I love the Pakistani accent. I try so hard to mimic it but it's soooooo hard.
Come to Pakistan. We are the best in hospitality. Every Foreigner come here with fear like there's a 24/7 bomb blast and terrorism going on here but they leave with immense protocol, safety and pleasure. Trust me, it's just media's exaggeration. It's what they want you to believe. We are just humans like you are. We give love, care, respect. We are a nation of dignity and respect. Hatred is not in us. We are Pakistan - The Land of Pure.
Come visit our Northern side if like seeing places, if you're a traveler, you'll feel like you're in a Heaven. May God Bless you all the outsiders and us and trust me, we Pakistanis/Muslims are not terrorists. We spread the message of Peace and Love.
Peace, out.
P.S: What you see is what they want you to believe, a picture can be shown and interpreted in many ways :)
typical hollywood bigotry
Nailed it (y)
OMG its a TV show, I doubt, unless you are Pakistani, you noticed or cared about any of these "Homeland fails".
This is awesome. Thank you Buzz Feed for giving people from all over the world a voice
Only 6??
Thankyou so much Buzzfeed for making this video.
thanks buzzfeed for making this video...im a proud pakistani.....❤❤❤
A Big thankyu to Buzzfeed
I don't see why this video was even relevant. America inaccurate portrayal of the rest of the world isn't a new thing.
Pakistan is not even 1% of what they are showing in this stupid ass show called HOMELAND... if someone wants to know what Pakistan really is, they should ask Pakistanis themselves...
A bunch of assholes trying to humiliate a peace loving country such as Pakistan.... :/
Damn hell totally wrong this video show only the negavity of Pakistan :3
So true absolutely wrong portrayal of what Pakistan and pakistanis are like
salute to Muhammad Jibran Nasir for his amazing insight on the show's season 4 where they have wrongly portrayed Pakistani people just to make american and other countries of the world think badly about pakistan.... hats of to you man.... you made Pakistan and Pakistanis proud.. (y)
Homeland... Epic fail 😋
I don't even watch the show and now I'm kinda glad i don't.
BuzzFeed is starting trouble! I love it!
I think they should make a film about the good things happening in Pakistan.
I know this guy....what a great feeling
Thumbs up to buzzfeed and Mr. Jibran Nasir 👍👍
To the content of the video I can only say... Flipping mainstream media!
To mainstream media... In your pursuit of ratings and the almighty $$$, your action at times offends and contributes negatively to our (the melting pot that is our great nation) perceptions and understanding of each other. Please recognize and respect your power to influence and... simply... do better. Please!
As for understanding him.... I understood him just fine.
I've never watched this show at all but I liked watching this video. Because I like learning things about other countries and my grandad was half Pakistani but I never got to meet him. Learned something about him I guess 😊
Thank you soo much both Buzzfeed & Jibran Nasir... Its nice that someone finally pointed out these obviouses on a mainstream site visited by many people..
Massive respect for putting this on BuzzFeed! My homeland is amazing, visit us to find how hospitable we're. Love from Pakistan.
PAKISTAN'z are AWESOME ... Peace loving Nation ... Its the media who show'z the total negative and bullshit side of PAKISTAN ... I invite every person on this page to come visit PAKISTAN and enjoy ... 3 days back i visited Shahi Qilla in Lahore there were these 2 American ladies enjoying the tour of Shahi Qilla and ancient places lacated there WITH ZERO SECURITY I Repeat WITH ZERO SECURITY ...
BuzzFeed you need more videos like this... less horny shit and more important shit! take advantage of your huge audience!
Buzzfeed wins my heart whenever they post something related to Islam or Pakistan. <3 thanks for the support
I am a pakistani and this season of homeland was pretty offensive to me. N
I understood him perfectly! It's called listening. Heck he speaks better English than some Americans I know.
At last something interesting by BuzzFeed... :)
Thnx a ton buzzfeed.. Pakistan is a place where u get great hospitality.. Debate on good or bad people,? Trust me they are every where in the world... Thnx again buzzfeed... :)
I always wondered about the "Pakistanis" they put in the show not looking Pakistani at all x'D
HOMELAND is a joke. I don't even waste my time to watch it
I love Pakistani English accent.......amazing
Haha omg what a fail series.
I've watched this season just to see how they portray Pakistan.
and at moments I laughed out loud.

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