A Meaningful Ads... Please Share To Everyone...

A Meaningful Ads... Please Share To Everyone...
A Meaningful Ads... Please Share To Everyone...
Published on 11/19/2017
A Meaningful Ads... Please Share To Everyone...


Who is send water to other countries? Is water oil? It works in a cycle. The water will return. If you aren't getting the water to other counties leaving a sink running won't change a thing.
For the many, many years that this earth has been in existence, it has never lost one once of water. This planet has the same amount of water on it now as when it was first formed. The problem isn't wasting water down the drain, the problem is getting water to the people who need it, who deserve it! Feed the hungry! Shelter and the homeless! Help heal the sick and aflicted. And for God sakes, give the people clean water to drink. Geez!
Umm the reason that I brush my teeth with the water running is so that the water can get hot so I can wash my face. It's called killing two birds with one stone.
I will share it
Chucke Latif
Is it really meaningful ? Think. Will the water you save flow to Africa or back under ground ? You will however save some electricity that powers the water pump and lower CO2 emissions.But this add doesn't say that.
Check her out! These are hilarious lmfao
I will share it
who brushes there teeth that long though
Por lo menos algo productivo que aprender!! 👏
I nominate you for ice bucket challenge.
And you also wasted 10 litre water for this add. Close the tap now
So they waste 10 liters of water on an ad
Daat ass fier dech David Capel e tb serve pra quando tas a tomar banho
Shani Khawaja
Quan Nguyen Vanessa Nguyen Kenn Tran
Trevor Blandford told you!
MaryBeth 👍
Rory O Shea
Majeed Al-khayat
Daniel Gutierrez vez!!!
Valéry Gosselin
Krist Diana Quindecim oh
Amnah Shatat
Anish Gurung

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