A little TX2K Roll Racing PREVIEW! ETS GT-R Vs. LLR Evo

A little TX2K  Roll Racing PREVIEW! ETS GT-R Vs. LLR Evo
A little TX2K Roll Racing PREVIEW! ETS GT-R Vs. LLR Evo
Published on 10/21/2017
A little TX2K Roll Racing PREVIEW! ETS GT-R Vs. LLR Evo


Roll racing sucks
AWD and you freaking roll start? Come on man
At this moment the evo knew he fucked up
1000HP vs 2000HP
Roll racing is as cool as planking and doing the wobble.
Racing is racing. Whether it's rolling, or at a stop, or teleporting through time. RACING IS FUCKING RACING. People in the states really need to get with the times.
Only pussys need a rolling start ...that ain't real racing Just saying
If you build a car without the ability to launch it you're doing it wrong.
All this shit talking about roll racing, exactly how else are you supposed to race on the highway? Do you watch 1320s dvds?
Where is the willys and fr8train video
Roll Racing.. what a perfectly good waste of a drag strip
Roll Racing is for for people who can't handle a real drag race launch...FAGS who can't drive
So much fail in these comments. You guys do know it's a roll racing event right? And you got a 1000hp evo vs a 2000hp gtr made by the same people. What did you think was going to happen?
I see a few people that don't know how this event works lol
Guys both cars are ETS and they are both at two completely different levels. Your comparing apples to oranges. I'm the EVO driver and Lucas English is the GTR driver
Evo is that you.
It is kind of Ironic that the GT-R takes driving skill away from the driver and roll racing takes setting up a chassis properly away from the car.
That was gay
Roll racing lol. No torque I guess
Damn that's one fast computer lol
I would put roll racing and autocross in the same boat and sink that pos
Is this a new kind of racing where lining up with the other car is optional?
Those who don't know truly don't know that fucking Evo roll out hard and they could not get it running right ..... Both are badass.
What's the point in that ? Why not race from a stop ?
Roll racing? What kind of shit is that? 😄
We sometimes roll race, on the way to one of our spots to run from a dead stop with a starter
What a trash vid
Who gives a fuck about an automatic? No driver mod what so ever
That wasn't a race. That was a test and tune session. Those cars aren't even in the same bracket.
Roll racing is better in my opinion. It's harder to break axels and have major failures, also saves your tires, clutches, transmission. All this is better specially if you don't have a trailer and a team dedicated to your car on site. Most people are driving to this event with the car they are racing and then driving back. However a lot of the real serious racers have trailers and mechanics on site.
And the GTR guy is like "I'm just teasing you bro"
Roll racing is not gay and neither is going from a dig quit hating.
Too soon junior!
Was the Evo racing?
Dam that evo got boost! 😜
Jajajajaj Garry Montgomery
Q le Paso al evo no puede cn el GTR
monster vs barbie :v
I'm a fan of roll racing... Not a fan of that match up lol
Edgar delara

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