A Guy Friendship In 86 Seconds

A Guy Friendship In 86 Seconds
A Guy Friendship In 86 Seconds
Published on 10/21/2017
A Guy Friendship In 86 Seconds


Meanwhile the girl friendship video just stops abruptly after the drunken argument.
Still a better love story than twilight
Bet you can't fit a girl friendship into 86 seconds
Its actually more simple than all that......
Lol if you made an "evolution of a girl's friendship" in the end there wouldn't be any making up. Us girls are stubborn lol.
Bottom line: don't be a Michigan fan.
That was a wild rollercoaster of emotions
nobody taps nobody on the balls and runs. that shit is gay
Felipe Previato Humberto Milhati Junior Murilo Maturana Raul Camargo Guilherme Augusto Renato Guido Lucas Peres Penha Leonardo Saraiva Fernando Dantas
Marcio Reis Gustavo Henrique Sotana
Bem nossa cara meus chapas kkkkkk
Except they would make up the night of the fight! Girls are the ones that fight for weeks lol
This was just a bunch of bullshit handshakes.
I think somebody had a video deadline due in a couple hours and threw some shit at the wall.
Why isn't there a clip where they play beer pong together?
Areez Ul Ghani, Nofil Muhammad, Hussain Soomro, Sohaib Kashif, Abubakar Aamir Sheikh, Mustafa Junaid, Nayab Taimour, Salman Jamshed Ahmed Shahzad
Nate Madson Jon Culhane Rylee Gamblin Steven Bateman Alex Smiley Zach Tarver
Friend to bro to bromance to bros for life. Beautiful
Bob TheRev Pursley Ryan Russell Mikey Eklove Jim Abear Matthew T Wilson Josh Grundman Alex Suess
Joseph Josiah Adrian Leefy Wayne Sam Grant Ephraim Andrew Caleb Smithy Christopher Will Hyrum Chucky Thomas Otto Enoch Franklin
Taman Gill Hyder Ali Alfredo A. Cañedo Jr. Rai Akash Santosh Kevin KanNigel Shenoy Tim Lui Basnet Tusar
David J Wright Adam Ritchie Kristoff French Ryan Beck David McGee Andrew Dyer Dylan Connolly all that is missing is a good hug!
Joe Lopez Ramon Lopez Jr. David Lopez Kevin Robinson II
Ahmad Alrayes Saif Al-Issa Hamza Abuhmdan Ali Al-Issa Romanista Hmoodeh Huzein Eyad Fehmi فعلا !!
Roy Castro Austen Thompson Erick Pagan Amaury Fernandez
Daniel Vargas Michael May Emmanuel Alvarado Bautista Derek Slaughter
You missed the follow up "make up" dick punch at the end
I feel like they fight and make up in a minute 😂
Levi Ryan Aaron Jonnie
Deaf Angel Alvarez dude bro
Alma Gonzalez I think this better than twilight sage 😂.
Remo Derks Imre van den Elsen Sander van Hooff Tom Verberne Brian Van de Kerk
Zhanne Baiguen Faizan Khan Christian Molina Mohammad Shamsher Prince Khan Naqash Gurung Bipan Glennelle Cris Cabatuan Malcolm John Lorenzo Carlos Jose Paolo G. Galang xD
Ashish Kumar Paras Kumar Dhirendra Sharma Dikshant Joon Suraj Yadav Gokulesh Mohan
Baptiste Gelle Maxime Dupont Victor Maitre Adi Hartemann Melvin Taieb
Well that took a really sad turn
Sohail Kaila Sheryar Dewani Dilnoor Bassi Nawed Nazar Nishant Verma Mzl Moe
Peng Tang Prassan Soosapilla Pranavan Siva
Blaze KO Matt Wight Jordan SorgeAaron St John
Yash Kelkar Neemit Shah Rushal Shah
Matt Gruskin Matt Boyle Paul Mier Zach Wautlet
Sahitya Gali, Patrick Henry, Alejandro Bravesson Herrström, David Yu
Roarke RandallCam SchultzDavid OrtizSean Goose Larson 30 seconds in, Sean and I last night
Somehow i think this is friendship........ George Alarid Carly Gilmore Cara Buum Hutchings Rosella Hodges
Gabriel J Rojas RGabo MolinaMauricio Rm
Justin Samuel Dionell Shawn Shawn Hayden Michael
Seriously tho lol Joseph De La Torre Jan-Raymond Nuval Brian Soeung Chris Becerra Gurpal Singh Sean Paul Kainoa Turner
yeah buzzfeed can stop pretending they know how guys work. Not everything guys do is based on shaking hands and high fives and physical contact, yeesh. Some of my best friends I don't know if I've ever even done that with, we just go straight for the hug, and there ain't nothing wrong with that :P
Chris Mcadam, Garry Paterson, Martin Wilson,
Brijesh Prashad Prem Singh Randhawa Justin Lim Jagroop Chahal
I think we all know this guy Miguel Niziolek Juan Pablo Toro Rivera *coughyuvcough*
Jessica Mejia you aint a guy but pretty much our friendship lol
Cute Kiran Fq Sonia Fq Noor Al Ain

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