A Group Of Women Gives Chilling Descriptions Of What It’s Like To Walk Alone At Night

A Group Of Women Gives Chilling Descriptions Of What It’s Like To Walk Alone At Night
A Group Of Women Gives Chilling Descriptions Of What It’s Like To Walk Alone At Night
Published on 10/20/2017
A Group Of Women Gives Chilling Descriptions Of What It’s Like To Walk Alone At Night


It's actually not funny. It doesn't matter where I am, I have my phone ready to dial in 1 hand, and keys between my fingers of my other hand. That's what it's like to be a woman in today's world.
I have been attacked and luckily had the training to knock the man out when he thought I was weak and defenseless and could take what I wasn't giving...tought him a lesson he will never forget. All girls should learn how to defend themselves!
Who said anything about being half naked?
I live in a foreign city to study and I have classes till late every week, to say just never walk alone at night, simply isn't possible!
Always be alert...don't be talking on your cell phone, etc....
Stomp as you walk, stand in the middle of a busy road...wow. Or ya know, get a conceal and carry license as long as you don't live in a communist state.
this is why I got my CCW
Islam women go home to their husbands to get beat.
i carry a pocket knife and my sister carries mace and i don't walk places at night while i'm alone ,i always stay in a group.That's also why woman always have a pee budy even during day light you always take someone with you into a bathroom so you don't get raped.Smaller males also have this problem in different areas.
I have been invited this week to go with a friend of mine to defense classes. That will be great for me, because outside at night is when the air feels amazing and it's nice to be alone, and I don't want to be attacked. I hate having to worry about being attacked in any way. It's really scary. I have my phone ready in hand incase i need to dial police or something
Always be prepared, keys, tazer, pepper spray, hand gun
walking alone at night has honestly never bothered me. been doing it since I was 16. People don't really bother me. A few men have asked if I needed a ride...I tell them no and they drive off. then again it could be because I a a big woman. most men dont really wanna deal with a woman that is bigger than they are.
Susan Kerr Sarah L Kerr Laura Kerr
Jonathan Chang
blahblahblah im sure men can give chilling descriptions of what its like to walk alone at night... wer no different.... maybe if people stopped thinking of reasons why it sucks to be a woman then they wouldnt think it sucks to be a woman
Vanessa Isabel Vivas
But most of these girls are so ugly worrying about boys doing stuff to them worries me...
Jesse Eastman
Be great if there was volume...and yes I did turn up my iPad volume to no avail!! I fear more for my daughters in this world today, taking public transit...
Scares the hell out of me especially since they insist wearing headphones is o.k.!! NOT!!!!!
Alyssa Blade
First of all y to walk alone at night when u know that it's not safe. Always walk with he spouse, ur brother, ur father etc. Islam has given the solution to this prb which is Hijab. If women will walk around half naked at night def men will approach them in filthy ways.
I know the feeling. I carry on me!
Wtf. R they serious. Where r they walking In Detroit
Tasha Reorowicz the stuff that terrifies us
Actually, statistically men are far, FAR more likely to be assaulted/attacked while walking alone at night than women.
That's why The great religion Islam gives to woman protections to remain in home and give high respect to keep avoid from such problems
Tang... accounting
Concordo com este ponto de vista.
bitch please.. try to live in mexico.
Beating women is wrong, but they are ugly you're just as ugly as them lol
I do the same thing with the keys...
Just don't walk alone at night!!!!
I do all of that! I have a constant fear that something or someone will jump out And get me when I walk alone at night! I won't even take the trash out at night in my OWN yard!!
Elsyii Vi
Leon Lines
Islam is not the answer. Most ppl into that believe in no education for women and so many other bad things. Why not teach men attacking and rape is bad and not victim blame. I know many Islamic men who can't stand that women are smart and independent.
Joshua Calumpit..the struggle is real

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