A day in the life of Trevor.

A day in the life of Trevor.
A day in the life of Trevor.
trevor lol force
Published on 10/17/2017
A day in the life of Trevor.


The force is strong with this one !
Well shit I wasn't expecting that. Hahah
i remember this game from 2013
you take my life i take your car
That is why i killed Trevor at the end
Another day with Trevor xD hahaha
Use the force, Trevor.
Because he is the Chosen One!!!
Not even once.
Wana be strong like trevor? Then try some Methamphetamines today!
Thats his happy day :3
they're cute but they're stupid lol
LOLed at that random bike crash! :D
.."they are cute but they are stupid" great :D :D
Eric Holdredge i laughed way to hard at this
from zero to mayhem in just 10seconds
I don't understand D: I'm laughing so hard i puked
What the world happened to the truck? lol
wtf lol
omfg lol
what the heck just happened?? the force is strong in this one..
What the fuck ?!
next dragonborn?
Grand Theft Auto: Shit happens. Have fun.
what the?!?!hahaha
Proud Canadian.
Harry Potter much
I guess team rocket is blasting of again...*ding
Wtf man:)) =))
This made me cry
So much stupid in so little time
This is why the consoles test played it for us
Can confirm
Videogamemes=only gta videos...
Does he play it on a phone? cuz the graphics suck. oh wait, he must be a console peasant
Sam Voyce This video just gets crazier and crazier what the fuck LOL
Dans la peau de Trevor avec Antoine, Saison 2! XD

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