A Brief History Of Diversity In Television

A Brief History Of Diversity In Television
A Brief History Of Diversity In Television
Published on 11/24/2017
A Brief History Of Diversity In Television


This is an absurd grouping of television shows - you neglected to bring up Cosby Show, The Jeffersons, Scandal, etc etc - this video is lame.
Wait wait wait wait, there are TONS of show with primarily black cast members. Just because they aren't most popular, doesn't mean they don't exist and tv isn't diverse enough...... hell im watching the Fresh Prince right now.... and im white, so..... p.s. yes, I KNOW that poc is not JUST black people, im just saying that if you're going to make a video about "white people" shows, don't forget to include all those "black people" shows. Why not ask, then "where are the Hispanics, Asians, Indians, etc.?" Stop separating white people from "poc" when everyone is a color! Things are different, times HAVE changed, don't stir people up for no damn reason!
Buzzfeed just trying to push this whole "color" card.. Wow
Cosby Show, Fresh Prince, Empire, Growing Pains, OPRAH, Law and Order; all of them, and The entire BET Channel. Sports TV as well.
As these shows were aired in a predominantly white country, what does this matter? I don't think mainstream shows in countries where the main demographic are asian or black have many white people in the casts.
And people wonder why racism is still an issue... We keep bringing it up! Who cares what color someone's skin is. Plus, there were plenty of shows in these eras with people of color, such as Family Matters, the Cosby Show, the Jeffersons, etc.
This is great! I'm glad buzzfeed is shedding light on these issues.
with videos like this, people will always be black or white instead of just people.
there are more races and ethnicities then black and white.and not all "white people" are from the same area
You know what's real freakin' cute? That we're all not supposed to care about race and just look at everyone as people, but every single little thing gets turned into a race thing.
How about I watch what I watch and you deal with it?
I guess they forgot shows like Martin, Fresh Prince, The Cosbys, Real Housewives of Atlanta, Single Ladies, pretty much all the shows on BET (BLACK ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION), Oprah, OWN, The Tyra Banks Show, The View, The Mindy Project, Project Runway, Empire, Scandal, Black-ish, Fresh Off the Boat, and The Nightly Show w/Larry Wilmore. Just to name quite a few. I'm so sick of this race-baiting crap!! At least focus on actual areas where there are race issues, TV doesn't seem to be one of them.
It feels a little biased.
There were quite a few very popular black shows (some of which I just learned existed).
I would have preferred if they actually used some of them in the statistics where Poc = x and White = 0
Pretty sure their are plenty of sitcoms with all black casts.. So put the race card away.
What about professional sports? This is stupid.
I think we are forgetting about the fresh prince?? How could you not say that was not one of the most popular tv show?
If you want racism to go away, stop pointing it out where it actually doesn't even exist
Like Cosby or Fresh Prince were crowded by white people?
Who the fuck cares
Fresh Prince hello!!!!! Orange is the new black. These are 2 awesome shows!! And there are plenty more.
Yo there is no arguing with this, it's a literally statistic that minorities are under represented and whites are over represented in television. That's not something that can be argued. It's a fact. BET exists because of that representation. And the shows with the highest viewers were shows with all white casts.
Let's count how many white people are on shows and commercials now. Why are y'all promoting the race card anyway, buzzfeed?
I love reading comments...why you all so mad?
Bullshit you guys just picked the whitest shows. What about the Cosby show ? What about soul train, the proud family, that's so raven, all that, kenan and kell, hey arnold, rugrats; those were the shows I grew up watching Also just because there are no people of "color" doesn't mean it's racist. Keep looking for a reason to get pissed off and you'll find a million.
I love how they didn't show any of the other amazing shows. Aka. Family matters. Cosby show. And a ton others.
Why are white people so shocked at the truth? lol you guys been living with 10inch thick rose colored glasses on for way too long, stop f*cking being in denial of white supremacy, don't worry it is ending soon lol
buzzfeed used to be entertaining and funny.........now, its just starting to suck
Good job buzzfeed, helping further the agenda *eyes roll* now someone's going to stop me to tell me how my tv is racist because I'm white
You can't speak about diversity it scares the white people. Seriously "race card" "absurd" its okay to have an open discussion without being so afraid. Facts are facts. If you don't know that tv history has managed to leave out many other races then your just forcing yourself in a bubble. But times are slowly changing. Its all good.
Hello, I am just trying to understand what you as a company are trying to accomplish by making videos like your most recent "A Brief History of Diversity in Television." First of all, you failed to mention the MANY shows that do have PoC as main cast members, making your study biased. It seems as though you are just trying to stir up trouble and biases. This message will probably not get to anyone or make any sort of difference, but I think it is a little ridiculous how you have made out white people as a whole. Perhaps include some statistics on the other side of the spectrum. If you ever looked at your comments, you would see the masses of whites being attacked, and that we should be hated for something we havent done, like cast for I Love Lucy in the 1950's. Indeed, racism is a thing, and a terrible thing, but it DOES go both ways and your videos have created a divide rather than trying to form a community of togetherness and understanding. I am disappointed in the way this page has portrayed many issues.
Because when i watch tv I'm thinking "omg there better not be icky minorities in this show" sit the fuck down and stop with the imaginary racism buzzfeed
Good Times, Sanford and Son, What's Happening?, The Jeffersons, The Cosby show, A Different World, Moesha, Fresh Prince, Living Single, Different Strokes, Family Matters, Frank's Place, Sister, Sister, Martin, Room 222, Flip Wilson, Girlfriends, Everybody Hates Chris, Chappelle Show...should I go on????
This is the most ignorant thing Buzzfeed has ever done.
This is the first video I have not liked. Not brining up alot of other shows that have poc or the whole cast is poc. Ummmm hello fresh prince of bel air, meet the browns, cosby, empire, espn, ect, ect. Why try to race bait? This is why issues continue because instead of coming together we try to tear things apart. And even if a cast of a highly popular show is mainly white for example big bang theory, they are all so different. They focus on more then the race of the people. They focus on the areas they are from, who they are as an individual, religon, ect.
Why do non POC take things so personally? None of you are network execs so this isn't an attack on you. There have been spurts of sitcoms that feature POC throughout the years but it has never been a consistent thing. BET was created because there wasn't a place to see or hear an alternative view. And please with this "race card" crap. I've never even heard of POC using that term but it's brought up as a "thing" anyone does that makes white people uncomfortable. Just relax.
OK first of all any one who isn't white is person of colour,not just blacks, so this is entirely inaccurate. Ricky wasn't white he was Hispanic therefore a PoC. Secondly SHAME ON YOU BUZZFEED FOR PLAYING THE RACE CARD THERE IS ENOUGH OF THAT GOING ON IN THIS DAY AND AGE THAT TO HAVE YOU DO IT IS JUST DISGUSTING!!!
Let's talk about black people who get death threats for playing characters that are "assumed" white instead. Like Rue, the girl who played Annie, and when it was suggested that Danny Glover play Spider-Man. Let's also talk about how the little girl from the Cheerios commercial received death threats for being bi racial.
I'm not saying there's not a problem, but you sure ignored a lot of EXTREMELY popular shows to strengthen your argument.
Make way for all the defensive Caucasians!!
You white people who keep calling out the Cosby show and fresh Prince are really stupid. People of color does not and has never meant black people. It means all non white races. Like Asian, Hispanic and native..... you look ignorant when you bring up only black tv shows. Stop and think.
Lol this is laughable. If you search the for racism you will find it. If you search for ddiversity you will find it. Out of all the tv shows on television you picked the ones that fit your agenda well. Good job buzz feed, this page is officially part of the problem.
And that's why the walking dead is the best show ever 😂😂😂🙌🏻
Buzzfeed: you spelled "member" wrong when discussing the 11 seasons of CSI.
I did my whole sociology paper on this subject
the problem with this is that the premise is accurate but the evidence inappropriate.
Tons of shows with PoC that you neglected to mention, which would only mean this video is aiming for views instead of actually spreading the truth and of course a lot of people are too lazy to actually do their research to know this video is absurd. Not to mention Madea and Tyler Perry are amazing and more popular in my opinion then any of those shows. Lol. =)
Some of my favorite shows were Sanford and Sons, Good Times, the Jefferson's, and the Cosby Show...good grief BuzzFeed Video! PoC are still underrepresented, but you could have made your case better if you hadn't neglected key shows!
Hey #buzzfeed let's push racial tension even more then needed there's all show meant for other cultures besides that look at the demographic of viewers.
'Friends' cracked me up in the POC department. I used to think "If people base their demographic perception of New York on friends, they are in for a very rude awakening". Even medieval art is more diverse than American television. However, there is one show from the past that didn't get mentioned, Amos and Andy. It was very popular in the 40s and 50s, on both TV and radio. Two white actors put on blackface and played Amos and Andy, two shiftless colored men. One had a wife named Sapphyra, from which we get the stereotype of the obnoxious black woman. Just think of all the wonderful things THAT did for people of color.
Those who don't want to wake up won't. They will sleep while their house burns down, and there's nothing anyone can do about it. For the rest of us, thank you BuzzFeed for continuing the conversation.
See in black and white... Or just white... Lol
A)you only selected shows that supported your thesis while omitting shows that featured poc's (cough cough the cosby show? Amen?). B) so I'm assuming Desi Arnez being Cuban-American is your "poc" count for I Love Lucy. Why does Lebanese-American Jamie Farr not count for MASH? Discriminating against Arabs in your "PoC" count seems interesting.......

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