9 Surprising Facts About Game of Thrones

9 Surprising Facts About Game of Thrones
9 Surprising Facts About Game of Thrones
Published on 11/17/2017
9 Surprising Facts About Game of Thrones


If I'm pronouncing Khaleesi wrong it is the show's fault. Don't blame me for that shit.
Bleach flavored gummy bear..... 😵
Bertie Botts strikes again
Let's not forget the fact that the actor who plays Jojen Reed is only a year younger than the mountain... Let that sink in!
He's fucking 24!!!!!!!!!! 😳
LOL "KHAH-ray-zee."
You could've used GOT music instead of this one... :3
A good deal of things are mispronounced in the show. It's not Doth-rak-ee, it's Doth-rak-eye. Bal-on, not Baylon. Cersei is Ser-say, not Ser-see. Myrcella, not Marcella. Also, Yara is supposed to be Asha. Robin is Robert. And for God's sake, Khaleesi is not a name; it's a title. Daenerys is her name. If one more person says Khaleesi is their favorite character I'll scream. The shows been running almost 5 years and people still don't seem to get that.
In Chamber of Secrets, Ron Weasley's slugs were of a similar consistency but had various flavors. Chocolate, lemon, peppermint... If I were Emilia I'd be outraged.
Bleach flavored gummy bear....still better than eating a sugar-free Hairbo
Loveeee Got!! cant wait until april!!
It was sarcasm about "surprising" right? Haha
Too awesome!! Especially the gummy heart fact lol
If the Stone Heart plot doesn't come into play during Season 5, I'll be really sad
<3 <3
There's a kid in all my classes who looks like Thomas Brodie-Sangster
KAH-Ray-zee! 👍😂
Who gives
Winter is indeed comming...
It is fun to read people comments than the video.
#BelonyGot Ranch
I dont see your comment but DUUUDE Cx I knew all these things... Except the first one o.o Hahah like wtf
So jojen reed really is peter pan!!!
Fact 10: The time between seasons is the same length as the time between winters in the show.
But but,..the characters on the show say "Khah-lee-see"!!!
I know everybody is just going to ignore this..but...
Give me a try.
If you're a true GOT/ASOIAF fan, you already know all of this.
I don't know how I could have gone on a day longer not knowing that
not really suprised
They forgot that the reader for the audible book is one of the pyro guys
How is he 24 whatttttt
Sorry buzzfeed. The dynamics of Dothraki aren't gonna be the same as English. Stop fishing.
If it IS Khah-lay-see, why are there two 'e's in Khaleesi ?
Omg still cant wait to see It 😁😁
she looks like her grandfather so much
Is it bad that I knew most of these facts already?
that 24 got me! :3 :O
Blake Duncan only tagging you in this so I can watch it later so please like my comment xoxo gossip girl
Why'd you use Harry Potter font in the beginning?
sangster wtf
Not sure if you would want to hold onto clothes for Madelyn but have a few dresses size 5T that have not been worn if not its ok just asking
Knew some if those but not all. Interesting! 👍
Haha Jeremy, I think of you anytime I see anything about Game of Thrones!
Be proud in the knowledge that I already knew a few of these Chris
Ryan Wolfe 💗💗💗 I'm ready for our binge watching session of the new season lol
Tony idk y but Ya thought U may find this xS interesting I guess?.. X3
Kiley have you been saying KHAH-lay-see right

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