9 second of this video will break your heart

9 second of this video will break your heart
9 second of this video will break your heart
boy dog girl step heart soo
Published on 10/20/2017
9 second of this video will break your heart


Girl: am I pretty?
Boy: no
Girl: do you even want to be with me forever?
Boy: no
Girl: do you even like me?
Boy: no
Girl: would you cry if I walked away
Boy: no
She'd heard enough and was hurt... She walked away with tears in her eyes
The boy grabbed her arm
Boy: you're not pretty...... You're beautiful
Boy: i don't want to be with you forever..... I need to be with you forever
Boy: i don't like you...... I love you
Boy: i wouldn't cry if you walked away...... I die if you walked away
Boy whispered: please stay with me
Girl: i will
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Results- your crush will say they like you on the day you choose.
hows this funny
Omg...how heartbreaking! 😞
That's so sad❀️
Upsetting me to watch this x
My nans dog looked for her for a while, it is heartbreaking
My heart goes out for that dog sad
Soo sad xx
That's just sad.. wow. Never seen that before.
I think the dog needs water lol jp sweet pooch
Omg how sad, dogs are so loyal. Heartbreaking. πŸ’”
I hope they took him away he was suffering so bad 😞
This is soo heart breaking rip
not funny, nowhere near. its loving, sad, touching
Thats so sad :(
Arm dier :(
So sad :( x
who miss an israil Jewish !!!
Poor baby!
Bakit naging funny???
He is s o s a d
very touching :(
So sad😭
this is not funny!!!
This is sad...but just shows how smart and loyal some dogs actually are
amazing and beautiful .
Very sad
Eso es el amor que bello y triste a la vez
omg, soo sad
That's so terribly sad 😞
Wow,really touches my heart..
Awwwww. :'(
So sad 😞
Huskie dog?
So sadd
Husky's are very nice dogs :)
the poor dog I really feel for it
I so Soo bad for his best friend.. Xx
Really touch my heart😒😒😒
I'm almost crying
Some people are worse than animal so sad. ..............
It's a really good and loving dog..

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