9 Reasons Why Kids Are Total Dicks

9 Reasons Why Kids Are Total Dicks
9 Reasons Why Kids Are Total Dicks
Published on 10/21/2017
9 Reasons Why Kids Are Total Dicks


Ok people chill out what she say was true in a funny way and watch the ending she thank parents
Look, I love my kids, but all of you getting butt hurt over this video, can you honestly say that you've NEVER thought your kids were mini assholes? I know I think that about mine at least once a day; usually after my 1 year old throws his 5th tantrum and after I've tripped over 10 toys and picked up eggs that were strewn all over the floor. It's called satire and if you don't get it, then I'm concerned for the lack of humor your kids will grow up with.
Wow... apparently, a sense of humor is what everyone seems to be missing here. Lighten up guys!!!
Not trying to be negative..but kids bring joy and happiness..pick them over money any day!!! Just saying we'll worth all the money sleep deprivation..n poopy diapers
THANK YOU BUZZFEED FOR THIS VERY VERY FUNNY VIDEO...I just finished watching this with my kids AKA MONSTERS...we laughed the whole way through, THEN THEY STARTED TO SAY THAT MY YOUNGEST IS THE BIGGEST DICK OF ALL SINCE HE IS STILL WITH DIAPERS...."YES" my kids can be dicks or assholes at times, even my KIDS AGREE!!!...BUT I CAN NOT FIND PURPOSE TO LIFE WITHOUT THEM.....!!!!
If this isn't part of a sex ed class, it should be. Parenting is hard work, with very little gratitude and constant judgment from others (often people without kids). This video seems like an accurate picture of parenting. Yes, we all love our kids, but honestly, they are a big pain sometimes.
They're like self centered little drunk people.
I experience no humor watching this video.The views portrayed in this video are seriously and disgustingly anti-children. Yes, babies and child are all about need fulfillment. No baby ever asked to be born. If you want to be parents it is about fulfilling your babies needs. The more needs the parent fulfills the healthier the child will be physically, emotionally and psychologically. Do not confuse "need with "want." Need is biological. Wants are not life sustaining. Wants often times become symbols for unfulfilled need. If parents give their children what they need, their children will not be spoiled. Children who are not given what they need are symbol driven. If you are an adult who went with out your needs met then you may have a very difficult time fulfilling your child's needs and likely identify with this character. Having a child is not about the parents finally being loved. Having a healthy (physically, emotionally and psychologically) child means the parents love the child. Love means to fulfill the the babies and children's needs, not the parents. If you are not prepared for that then please do your self a favor don't have children.
Can you honestly say there has never been a moment in your motherhood where you thought to yourself "You little asshole"? If you haven't you're lying. I've been a mom for 10 yrs and will be honest in saying I have thought that. That doesn't make me a bad mom, being a bad mom would be telling my kids to their faces they're assholes. One thing I hate about everyone on the internet is they take everything so fucking literal.
Thank god for abortion.
bahahah!! I have 3 kids, and find this funny, and will show it to them when they become sexually active. so they know what they are getting into and to be careful, and to understand what I went through. Everyone else needs to lighten up and enjoy some freaking humor pansies!! bahahah!!
Some parents are dicks to...
It is called satire... Actually it shows how strong a parents love is... The most rewarding job in the world (and the toughest) is being a parent.
So funny story I just bought a bow...aaaand I don't have a baby. Coincedence? I don't care. Who wants to go hunting!
OMG people chill the fuck out!!! if your complaining you don't have kids or you don't have teenagers.. i love my kids but they can be the biggest pains ever!!!!
Grow a sense of humour and quit being offended by an obvious humorous skit. You fucking politically correct morons make me sick. You should be stuffed down an industrial meat grinder.
Folks you need to calm down. I'm a father and I agree with all of this. Kids can suck sometimes, but parents deal. We have the most rewarding job on the market.
The anti-child mentality in so many of the Buzzfeed "comedy" videos comes across as narcissistic and selfish.
This is the same mentality seen in Idiocracy and it will lead to a similar result.
This is too funny - anone offended by this has no sense of humor lol
Please see the video to the end before you comment, that's all.
Kimberly Marie Rush All the money x 2!!! I can't believe I have spent that many hours on shitty diapers! I am calling bullshit on the amount of sleep. I feel like I have lost 90 days in 15 months. 😳
Kids are awesome!! What is she talking about?? They're innocent and sweet and need lots of tlc. She doesn't have to have them if she doesn't want them, but why insult them? We were all kids ourselves once :)
Mom of 4! Late teens down to age 3. Yes at times I have thought it .some days more then once. Doesn't mean I don't love my kids . this video was funny true and the end of the video was awesome. It made me lol and smile.
Really Scott?? Lo she's the one with the attitude, harassing people in their sleep, setting fires, throwing diapers on the lawn,calling children profane names, destroying pretty flowers...
Jesus Christ kid meme here
Latoya Smalley she thanks parents? Someone ought to thank the kids for everything they have to go through, living with parents who don't always understand them, who forget they were once kids themselves, and forget to count their blessings and realize the importance and sacredness of their calling in life as parents. A child's mind isn't even fully developed yet, yet some adults expect them to act like mature adults when they're only 3 or 10 or 13 or 16 etc. And there are many kids out there who love their parents and are very kind to them
Am I the only who finds it irritating that they bleep "God" in "God damn"? Like, that's not really a swear word. If anything, bleep "damn".
It makes it sound like you're saying "fuck damn" or "shit damn" and that just doesn't make any GOD damn sense. So stop bleeping the wrong fucking word, dip shits.
this was funny and the end the end was awesome made me cry to hear the thank you as i am a single disabled mother with a 2 year old who cant really understand yet everything i do for him.
The problem with this isn't that it's offensive. The problem is it's exacerbating an increasing problem of low birthrates. Though I'm sure all you self hating whites are more than overjoyed at the decline of Western culture.
39! Wtf lmao I haven't been financially dependent on my parents since 18...and that was because I was still in high school (early birthday) it's the enablers that have that issue
What about you when you were a kid you how many years ago was that did you have diapers appreciate your parents do you understand life in general it is a cycle to contradict that will be done and things will come I'm assuming your little video is for fun so will step back and let
She left out the part where your diva of a five year daughter throws a fit for 60 dollar shoes that you purchase to appease her only to be worn twice before she out grows them... Kids are dicks, especially daughters. But I love them 😀
back in the day we used cloth washable diapers. not that was work.
I was thinking dayum this woman is cool but shes swearing so much.. then it just went from a really negative approach to a positive approach. Good on her!!!;)
At first I was not too keen on what she was saying but the end made the video worth seeing. Sometimes our children forget the heartbreak that happens when parents are treated that there in the way and not needed
Isn't this girl on video. ...RESTING BITCH FACE?
You uptight ass ppl! Kids can be complete dicks/assholes/jerks & guess what? Parents still love them to death. Hell some moms actually risk their own lives to birth the little shits 😂😂😂😂 j/k! Seriously though, you HAVE to adopt a sence of humor to survive parenthood. Kids will run you ragged & cause you to love them unlike no other
The only ones who are butthurt over this video are prudes with zero sense of humor. This video couldn't be more hysterically correct. 😂👍🏻
Rooney Nelson Ashley Fleischman bless your souls lol cuz Lord knows Jovan Saunders & I would be thoroughly irritated with the little shits 😂
Danielle Schlachet made me think of you. Kids are dicks
Didn't this ginger broad just do one about hiding from her kids in the bathroom and getting drunk? Whoever keeps getting this gash knocked up needs to stop.
Yup, kids are dicks. Love em. But they're dicks. Get over it.
The person who did this video IS A TOTAL I REPEAT IS A TOTALDICK!!!!!!
Dania Ortiz. She makes me not want to have kids hahaha. 😂
Im far from the 59% been on my own since i was 15. N i have 2 boys lol n people this is made to be funny but true with the money n percentages. She is being honest. But no matter how hard it is i love being a mom amd i coukdnt live without my boys. Parenthood isnt for everyone. It either makes u or breaks u.
Patzy Ruvalcaba yes, yes you are!!! So its Jairo Ruvalcaba Yuri Ruvalcaba Mark Ruvalcaba an d Saul Ruvalcaba you guys suck!!!
Brittney Tuggle why I don't have kids lol. Bunch of dicks
From a parent's point of view, BuzzFeed, THANK YOU!!!! About time we get recognized for all the sacrifices that we do and kids don't seem to realize this until they have their own kids... they can start taking less time to do so and appreciate what they have more!
my parents abuse me physically, emotionally, and neglect me a lot, so this video is freakin shit to me
Hannah why to never have kids.

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