9 Problems Only Assistants Understand

9 Problems Only Assistants Understand
9 Problems Only Assistants Understand
Published on 10/21/2017
9 Problems Only Assistants Understand


YES. I like how the FEMALE is the boss within the first few seconds.
Did you get my e-mail about my e-mail not working? Lol
Actual conversation with my Boss:
Boss: "Why were you late?"
Me: "I phoned you remember? There was a crash on the road and I was stuck in traffic."
Boss: "Were you in the accident?"
Me: "No?"
Boss: "Then don't be late next time."
*boss walks away*
Oh my god. I was a personal asst. And this is mostly accurate, they left out the crying though,
worst.job.ever. The anxiety isn't worth it.
I wouldn't mind being her assistant. Unoimsayin
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To HELL with that bitch! I'd quit!
Buzzfeed please turn this into a web series!
I watched the devil wears Prada a few weeks ago, now I realize I work for the devil, and this justifies it...
"Did you get my email? About my email not working?" *sighs; fidgets with tie; looks out into the distance; tries to calm self down* "No..."
Oh my goodness I didn't realize this was every assistant job! haha, I feel relieved you have all been through this as well!
I'm a manager assistance at my job I basically run the whole store while she's in the office not doing anything and she still has the nerve to call me for help I know more than her! But I don't let her treat me like shit though I show them my worth I make them see that without me they can't do it by themselves and I'm moving up quickly
For everyone saying "they should make a movie" watch The Devil Wears Prada!
Maaaan, this is one of my favorite Buzzfeed girls!! ''Way to f*ck that up.'' xD. <3
I can't watch it... Her voice is annoying
That gave me anxiety
Thus why I am not an assistant. My response would be to make your own fricken coffee.
this is why i dont work in a office.... i prefer to work alone where i can get the work done
LOOOVE that they made the girl the boss :D
that looks like a nightmare…...
Did u get my email about my email not working
Oh god, at my old job my boss fussed at me if i wasnt 15 min early. He opened the store 20mins late with customers in the parking lot waiting while i was outside in the cold for 40 mins. I asked what happened. His response "dont be rude and snotty to me! I ran late" what the hell
Alex Channell Jess Hoyt
I'm stressed out for him...just watching!
I have to apologize to accounting... i don't even know where accounting is!
Angela Sumner did you get my email about my email not working....
Mell Koulizos
Ahh modern day indentured servant
the best line was "did you get my email about my email not working?"
So been there! LOL .... Especially the part about getting lost & technolgy! Had a boss who would go "Shari, I forgot my password"
Dorien, Fanny, Sylvie, Sibel, Maaike, Anouk, Yannick, filmpje dat werkelijk vertrouwen geeft voor onze opleiding...
Alejandra Sandoval that's totally how I felt lol
Juan Torres
Lmao guuuuu lol....no that the other person.....I coukd have sworn I heard her voice in this video Sharie Matos
Monica Campbell, Cindy Mitchell, Jasmine Joa, Danays M Casanova
Noel Kathleen Carter Luisa Nunez my daily struggle is real.....
Arani Kokulathasan check it out :)
Nick Bevan story of my life
Erica Ferrer
meeeeeeee at Target, Love Cult, working for someone Eric Flavius
This is so Celeste Smith
omfg yes Amanda Flores
It's quite difficult to understand a female.
This is so hilariously true! Every. Single. Day. We have the patience of saints... and the ability to make things happen. .or not. ;-)
Clarette Gaviola
LOL. No privacy!
Adriano Luis Pereira
Amy Lynn

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