9 International Movie Titles You Won't Believe Actually Exist

9 International Movie Titles You Won't Believe Actually Exist
9 International Movie Titles You Won't Believe Actually Exist
Published on 11/19/2017
9 International Movie Titles You Won't Believe Actually Exist


Mama I missed the plane makes sense for Home Alone lmaooo
I soon as the video goes up there's always some person posting a blueberry pancake recipe
Wild Speed Sky Mission was amazing.
Calling Napoleon Dynamite "Bus Man" makes me think they just watched the first 2 minutes of the movie.
What about The Hangover being called "A Very Bad Trip" in France??
She's The Man: title in Hebrew literally translates to "She's got Balls"
You haven't seen Brazilian titles. Here, "Airplane" is "Hold your belts tight, the pilot is gone"
"What are you gonna do today, Napoleon?" "Whatever I feel like I wanna do. GOSH" 🚌
Hahaha in Mexico home alone was something like "My poor little angel"
Any one seen Aj i need the blueberry pancake recipe again
"Napoleon Dynamite - Bus Man" Lol, whaaat.
Mr cat poop!!!! 😹🐁💩💩🐱🐱
"The one hundred foot journey "'s german title is "Madame Mallory and the smell of curry"
Nope. THE best it's still this one: The eternal sunshine of a spotless mind = if you leave me, I erase you. (Italian title) beat that!
Six Naked Pigs 😂😂😂😂 I can't.
Mr. Cat Poop is NOT the Chinese title for "As Good As It Gets". "尽善尽美" means "As Good & As Beautiful"
I think Mr. Cat Poop was the best title.
Just waiting to re-read all the titles from fellow commenters. 😁
Also waiting for all the tagged people to show up.
"Cars don't fly Dom, Cars don't fly"
The God Father > The Powerful Boss (Brasil)
The Home Alone title was pretty spot on. 😂😂 Mama I Missed the Plane. Lol. Maybe even better than the original!
Home Alone is called "Mi pobre angelito" (my poor little angel) in Mexico.
In China, Sixth Sense is titled "He's a Ghost". Spoilers much!
Wild speed sky mission had me crying
In German, Monty Python and the Holy Grail is "The Knights of the Coconuts", which always amused me ^_^
Some of these are not accurate. I feel like they used bing translator.
also full monty right 光豬 means naked pigs but it's also a phrase in the chinese language therefore it's actually six naked strong men
The movie Encino Man is called California Man in the U.K
In France (but only in France, not in Québec that have the exact translation), ''Despecable Me'' become ''Me, Ugly and Evil''. And I think it's beautiful.
In Viet Nam, they named "Furious 7" is "too fast, too dangerous" 😂 lol
I mean this honestly happens anytime you translate something from one language to another back to the first language. Hasn't anyone cheated in Spanish class with google translate?!
What!? Who ever renamed these movies, "don't even go here!"
means girls = Lolita malgré moi
LMAO Mr.cat poop
The Japanese call Resident Evil, Biohazard
Wild Speed: Sky Mission actually makes sense.
Home alone in French "maman j'ai rater l'avion" lol
in Italian the Hangover is called "a night as lions" and we also call "Mom I missed the pane" for Home Alone
There's an American movie called Big Ass Spider
Sweet Home Alabama is "Nunca Me Olvides" in Mexico. Meaning "Never Forget Me" :p
'Lolita in Spite of Myself' (as I just checked) works because 'Lolita' means 'suffering', therefore the title of 'Mean Girls' in French is 'Suffering in Spite of Myself'.
I don't know,but here in japan fast and furious is not advertised and called that way. I wonder where did they get that idea.
Here's a nice one ... Lethal weapon was translated ( 2 cops in hell ) here in egypt 😄
the taiwan one...y'all using google translate and stuff? i'm pretty sure it's interstellar unusual attacking team...but then 異攻 sounds like 義工 (volunteer) so i guess that's the funny point instead
Can they do that? Is it legal??
Hahaha i just died after watching this haha
I thought they weren't allowed to change a trade mark movies name?
OMG "Mr. Cat Poop"... Why couldn't that have been the movie title LITERALLY EVERYWHERE?? 😻 💩

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