9 Facts That Prove Bees Are Awesome

9 Facts That Prove Bees Are Awesome
9 Facts That Prove Bees Are Awesome
bee awesome lol
Published on 10/22/2017
9 Facts That Prove Bees Are Awesome


Bees ARE awesome. Wasps however, are the spawn of satan.
Too bad they're dying off @ an alarming rate cuz of pesticides bein sprayed on crops. =/
No doubt Allah is the best creator...Amazing
GavinHan Shallbecalm
Jess Rodriguez
Joshua Beckett nothing is japan is safe from weirdness...got to the last 1:30
Tiffanie a 0:13
Mayor Martin bee keeper
Wing Tang beeees
that's unbeelievable
Fake asf
Heather Gallagher
Hope D'Aluisio this video was sick
Bryce Kiefer....
Hahaha Eugene Cho random video I watched after saying bye. My goodnight present Hahahahaha
As long as they don't sting me im good i still dont like them tho ,_, Brayan Mendoza
Bridget Charnock they forgot to mention thick air...
Camie Nakagawa lol, we fermenting honey in the lab now??? Boss not gonna be too happy... Hahaha
Derek lets make the bees drunk! Haha
Sara Sapphire I will stick cover my ears ;) Maybe I should learn elephant code... lol
Junior Steeler Scary but we're AWESOME lol 🐝💕
Rivas Nansi
I'm here only for the beats, it was dope
Still no need to be scared Dulce S. Estrada.lol
Riri Lya
That last one was crazy!
do not use Round Up! help save bees
holy shit bees have super powers
Damn .. the stealth mode
Deny Imix
Megan Bryant
Lst Jørge! yan
Carys Shirley
Dominic Kut
Nick Umarov
Ruth Shaw
Justine Drennan Decker :)
What is so gangsta about bees, like seriously you had no other song option?
Aaron Lum Zhi Yang
Suhaib Alrumy
Vanessa Winchester
Cole, I will be getting a colony soon. Come by and see it if you are interested!
Siresma Nair
Paula Lafferty...
Joe Hudak idk y i tagged u but bees r hardcore af
Matt Griley
Ben Garver

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