9 Epic Beard Facts Every Beard Lover Should Know

9 Epic Beard Facts Every Beard Lover Should Know
9 Epic Beard Facts Every Beard Lover Should Know
Published on 10/19/2017
9 Epic Beard Facts Every Beard Lover Should Know


Only 'men' who can't grow beards hate on them.
And then comes an idiot saying they are covered with poop -_-
I approve of this message.
Beards are cool, when you have a beard you can get into clubs without anyone questioning age or asking for id.
Depends on the man. Some dudes just look fugly with facial hair.
I love my boyfriends beard. He shaved it off once and believe me it was not a good day for him lol
everything. i love everything about beards.
When will this fad stop.
...I thought it said "Bread Facts" and I got all excited. #WayToDisappoint
Lol The every dude should have beards Era
Beards are sexy when they are well maintained and clean!! not all patchy & homeless looking and smelly.... I love my man when he has scruff and in the winter he grows a beard.. Mmmm love it.. Some scruff with it little long on the top maybe slicked back or to the side.... Ohhhh baby.
Beards are dirty. They collect airborne particles such as fecal matter and urine.
Beards are cool and all, and it'd be nice if I was born with the genetics to grow one, but I am not and this idea that men who have beards are more manly than men who don't is an outdated idea from our prehistoric times. Men can have beards or they can not have beards, one is not inherently better, or "godly". The idea that one is just adds more pressure to guys to look and behave a certain way, which can lead to feelings of inadequacy in the men who weren't born with good facial hair follicles.
A man is determined a man by his character, not by how hairy is face is. Let's start placing more emphasis on that before you place every man with a beard next to God.
Beard is sign of manhood
I love how beards feel against my vagina.
Beards are sexy. Therefore, your argument is invalid.
My wife has a saying... No beard, No sex... She wants her man to look like man, not a clean shaven little boy.
Would you like some poopicles with that beard?
Beard lover over here!!!! <3 ...tickles ^_^
yeah beards are great when you are not a muslim
I found this super interesting! Ddot
One reason I didn't want you to shave it off but hey, you never ever listen to me so wtf.
I was afraid of bearded and mustached men when I was little, I guess that's why I find them repulsive today.
mmmm beards <3
If you cannot grow a beard, please refrain from commenting. Your arguments are invalid and most likely out of jealousy.
My parents say I used to sit on my dads lap and reach up to rub his beard with my fingers when I was little.
I feel like this will just give you a whole list of reasons why your beard is so awesome.. but here you go anyways :p lol Sean Weis
I personally dont like beards. Oh well.
Lmao at first I read bread!!!
I hate beards and facial hair
I love beards! <3 And my favorite line is "beardliness is next to godliness". hehe
I feel like I'm the only girl who likes looking at beards, but I hate when my boyfriends have them because they're itchy
Beards are cool but the warmth factor goes out the window in Texas.
Some have poo in them According to social media ...
I cant grow any because im asian
Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo will make it soft...
Beard is HOT
Boobs is to lady as beard is to man. 👍🏾👍🏾
What do I love about beards? The guys underneath them :3
Beards are gross. They look stinky.
I don't care for men with beards.
One day I want to come here and learn something I didn't know. Just once.
I'm into clean shaven men. Unless you're Tom Hardy.
#BeardGang bitch.
I like beard!
Yeah! Like as if anyone knows what God looks like.
I love beards. Especially my husband's. I hate when I have to shave it...
Beards are amazing! I love beards!!

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