9 English Words With Dirty Translations

9 English Words With Dirty Translations
9 English Words With Dirty Translations
Published on 10/20/2017
9 English Words With Dirty Translations


god dam it my nickname is kiki lol
Salsa is not an english word.
te amo tostitos chunky salsa
Kiki? Nooooooo.
Asia Krysta Zoniya Laica Josh Andrew Matthew Russell only filipinos wud lol
Pretty sure salsa and pinto are Spanish....... Um...
kiki man! suka man! ahahaha
in Japan everything means diarrhea?
so essentially, hes saying; "hey diarrhea, want to go to the anus party?"
Now you know how all Richard's feel
several years ago there was a cover story in a martial arts magazine supposedly disclosing the secrets of the Korean style of Ninja fighting. They termed he art "SULSA DO" it was only later revealed that the story was a complete fraud and that the translation of the art was "the way of diarrhea"
Keysha Wright kiki lol
thanks @buzzfeedVideo guys for including the Philippines. nyahaha funny much
Why are you doing this?!!!
Penis beans
Suvith King Ravichandra
Malcolm Arthur Ng
Gary Walker means Diarrhea
Aaron Kramer😂
Muhammad Shahri Gani
Pukeke is the filipino term not kiki :D Kiki means, tartar xD
Hyder Sultan
Jinah Kim i remember you telling me this, can never forget.. lol
Laurel , I learned that shit in the 5th grade! The trick is to not BE a vagina with a name so awesome :)
Salsabil Ar salsa and kiki 😂
Robyn Guzik Imani Thomas
LOL everything means Diarrhea!
Hitomi Sasaki this is funny
Arielle Knowles KIKI'S DELIVERY SERVICE OMG We know what it's really about now.
Gary Greenlaw
Jay Babbitt
Jawad Zafar
are all these things true?????? >.<
this is stupid , u guys can go root yourselves and u can't block me because ur a kiki
Marissa McGregor
Shelby Lynn Banks
Australian is not a foreign language. It's ENGLISH, with a diffferent accent and some local slang.
Iris Ebbelaar
Ain't no party like an after party!!!
Hapi Fit lol
Amrez KIKi
Mickey Green
Lisa Black lmao
Alicia Marie Beckstrom Brittany Wilkes
I Live in Australia and I have never heard that slang before....
Kiki talaga hahaha

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