9 Elephant Facts That Are A Big Deal

9 Elephant Facts That Are A Big Deal
9 Elephant Facts That Are A Big Deal
Published on 11/19/2017
9 Elephant Facts That Are A Big Deal


You forgot to mention that they remember where a loved one died years earlier and will stop there for a while and then continue on their way
Can you also make a video on how riding elephants as a tourist attraction should be stopped? Kinda disappointed that it was in the beginning of the video to be honest.
Ca-Ching? Since when is forced animal entertainment astonishing and something that we should awe at? Beating an unnatural skill into a helpless animal should NOT be commended.
I love elephants!! They are my favorite animal :)
How about it's predicted within the next TEN years African Elephants will be extinct in the wild or how it's cruel to go to Thailand and sit on the back of an elephant or how it's still legal in some countries to have elephants in circuses where they suffer abuse and are left with psychosis? This could have been more educational
Whoever watching this video isn't watching the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight lmao
Also need to mention how riding them damages their backs and how in Asia they are ripped from their mothers as babies chained down and beaten for weeks on end to break their will so they will submit to their masters so tourists can ride them or see them 'dance'.
Can i be an elephant and eat 300 pounds a day? Lol
They are highly intelligent, morn their dead and need to be with family. They are slaughtered daily and imprisoned for sideshows and Lord knows what else.....
You guys should do a video about elephant poaching informing people these amazing animals will be extinct in the wild in 20 years if we cannot reduce the demand for their tusks. On average ~96 elephants a day are killed for ivory, or ~35,000 a year.
They have excellent memories. And baby elephants can throw tantrums just like toddlers 😘#loveelephants
It's scary how many times in this thread someone has written that maybe elephants "like giving rides to humans". Wow.
Should have been a stat on how fast they will be extinct due to Asian demand for ivory.
Aubrey Newman you probably already know all these facts but I figured you'd like to see a video of ellies lol 🐘
Thank you to the people who actually have an understanding about the #truthaboutelephants.
Elephants are NOT made to ride, paint pictures or do circus tricks.
See for yourself. Do some research. #Boycottcircuses
P.s BuzzFeed get a clue.
I love elephants :)
I so love 🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘💕💕
Nice to meet you too Mr elephant.
An elephant herd "family" is close for life!!! They love the protected each other. they mourn each other even other animals that have passed for days and protect the body from scavengers until the soul has moved on. Elephants are everything I wish I had growing up!!! I love them so much I have tattoos of them!!!
22 months pregnancy! Thats insane!
A lot of you people post comments about this Elephant abuse. Shut up. It's annoying.
Lady get the hell off of the elephant. Okay continue
ahhhhh elephants!!!!
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️I love them!
Read Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult
You forgot to also mention that they will probably be extinct in the next 10 years. We need to cherish them while they're still here.
They also never forget .
Did my learning for the day.
the elephants that paint things are usually forced to paint and if they don't perform well, they end up getting beat.
Love them, my favorite!!!!! <3
love the giants
Elephants are cool
Ultra cool 😎
Elephants have to be my favorite animal. They are so sweet, and incredibly smart. I met one up close and yeah she didn't have the most pleasant of smells, but she was really sweet
The elephants at my local zoo paint. You can watch them every day and buy their paintings in the gift shop :)
Melanie Orejuela
@mr dyke
Twenty two friggin months of pregnancy?!?!?!?!...You have got to be shitting me!!!!!!!!......And here I bitched about menstrual cramps...Go figure...
Couldn't this video just be a litle longer ? ?
I was enyoing it.
I love elephants!
And also elephants can die of depression :(
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Elephants are amazing creatures 😍😍
Love this ☺️🐘
They're amazing
Andrea!!! Minus the part about the artistic elephant. I'd heard some time ago that he was trained (and not necessarily in a nice way). But ain't it cool that BuzzFeed has educational stuff? Maybe this will help inspire the general public.
I love them ❤ :3

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