9 Cute Facts About Animals That'll Make You Want To Hug Them

9 Cute Facts About Animals That'll Make You Want To Hug Them
9 Cute Facts About Animals That'll Make You Want To Hug Them
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Published on 10/19/2017
9 Cute Facts About Animals That'll Make You Want To Hug Them


Don't shave your guinea pig! Some guinea pigs are born hairless. They are called skinnys
Why can't humans be more like the seahorses?
Please don't shave your guinea pigs. Their hair is there to keep them warm. If you shave them they could possibly die.
The one they showed was skinny pigs or baldwins, but they were breed to be hairless and require special care.
More information at the link:
YOU DON'T SHAVE GUINEA PIGS!!! That's a hairless and is born that way!!!! Ugh...
My family and I had 4 Guinea pigs, which quickly grew to 7, because we didn't know one was a girl. Although all of our piggies were fluffy, we researched all about them, and discovered HAIRLESS Guinea pigs. I've seen this, "if you shave/a shaved Guinea pig, it looks like a baby hippo" several times. They're not shaved, they're hairless.
Group of kittens is called a kindle
Kindle fire
Amazon is murderers
Leanne Foley Taylor Reece Megan Elizabeth Little
Tessie Ann Nelson Galyean Frye Dora Miriam Chadbourne Sarah Kruse Marci Bertoldi
Juliette Huisman Eva Schouten Petra Brcanija Lion Den Hartog 😱
Natalie Tietjens Charina Daatio Jeric Basco Andrew West
A BINKY! Antonio Lebron Amanda Kae
Dan Doyle Becky Diebold
Katie , Meagan!
Rianna Miguel Joami Ona Javier Sale Barbara B. Ramirez
Shaun Tickner Laura Blackburn Jade Moloney
Abby Liwanag
Jose Ramirez, Melaniie Alcaraz, Jannely Nava
Alex Park
Stephiie Grace-Lin Thea Nguyen Kelsey Croker Joni Bartlett Nathanael Kumar
Tarsha Theodora Signorile Nikki Hain
Madison TheMadhatter Harris
Michelle Marie Amber Miller Amber Davis-Russo Jessika Nikole Ziegenbein Taylor Outlaw too cute!!!!!
Alyce Renee Houlden Courtney Hannan Allanah Cooper
Sarah Levin Adam Imeson
Shanice Pereira L'yan Angelu Celine
Lon Ralston 💜JasonandNicole Nether💜
Allison Kehaulani May Angelynn Kauilani May
Trina Zuniga Michelle Ashley
Jin Kurosaki
Romy Suzanne
Scott Friel Amy Remsberg You're welcome.
Hamza Anwer u will love this
Jennifer O'Leary Kelly Dumas you have to watch this and Joey Varney show kimmy please
Nicole Feddersen a group of cats is called a "kindle" Allison Caswell if you tickle a penguin it giggles
Julia Kyllönen Christel Björkbom
Christie, Vince Cosentino, Jake!
Ace Flores
Mikayla Pratt lolol for some reason I just saw this
Sandra Dominguez shave PB!
Courtney Berg omg too cute♡♡♡
Sebastian Alex Butler
Ryan Goodnight
Heather Carsley
Casey Marie Dunlop Jessie Dunlop
Nicole Tracy the 1st one!
Matthew Devlin
Mary Nieh
Cute :)
Clayton Brown lol the guinea pig

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