9 Celebrities Who Had Bracefaces

9 Celebrities Who Had Bracefaces
9 Celebrities Who Had Bracefaces
Published on 11/17/2017
9 Celebrities Who Had Bracefaces


Aww, little Emma Stone is so adorable!
You forgot Niall Horan, just saying.
Megan Fox with a MEAN sunburn on that before pic lol
I feel like Buzzfeed is just running out of this to talk about at this point 😂😂
thought you were going to finish with 'emBRACE your smile' or smtg.
I'd still marry Blake Lively if she had braces for the rest of her life.
Elisabeth Hasselbeck though 😂😂
Means they all had money at a young age is all it means to mee..
I feel like Megan Fox looked a lot better younger.
8 female Celebs is what it should read
I just got mine and I was so embarrassed to be 30 and in braces lol. My parents were never able to afford them for me but glad I finally got them on.
Prince Harry looks like the kid from the Christmas story..
You failed to mention the nose jobs/ fillers/and all the latest derm procedures average people can't afford
Emma stone's adorable LOL
What about Niall Horan? 😂
Since when did the fucking "Prince" become a celebrity? ?
For someone who had braces for 6 years, no one can rock them. Haha
I had the worst teeth you haVe ever seen now my smile is the #1 feature I am complimented on daily :)
Elizabeth hassleback looked SO ADORABLE back in the day! Those big ass glasses! O.o . I want to hug her past self. The cutest little nerd I've ever seen.
They probably have fake teeth now.
Ain't no shame in having braces!
Emma stone just a cutie no matter!
There's hope for me after all.
Even tho every single one of them has had professional smile makeovers with crowns/veneers.
They may be beautiful but they hurt like Hell.
Yeah, tell my swollen gums they're beautiful.
I don't care what anyone says. Money makes you prettier.
Do you mean to tell me that FAMOUS PEOPLE are JUST LIKE REGULAR PEOPLE?
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Oh my god guys, this must mean they're just like us. 😮😵😱
I'm so happy my braces aren't there anymore idc how many stars they had... btw u forgot emma watson...
YAY! I don't feel so bad wearing braces in my thirties now.. :P
I need braces..
Just one guy? I wanted to encourage my son...
Always wanted braces... Idk why
When I get famous, make a new list, ok?
I like most buzzfeed vids. This one, though, I can't seem to find any reason.
i had braces for two years and i cant remember what i looked like with them
Don't see my name on this list
Y'know in the Philippines having braces are seen as a status symbol what the heck!
Who cares about this Niall Horan...
Why would you call Elizabeth Hasselbeck a celebrity?
I've had braces twice. Now I don't feel like such a deck.
Ugh I don't want braces :( but I do. But I don't.
I felt weird watching this
This made me feel better about still having mine LOL
I'm 17 and still have my braces
The magic of makeup botox fame & money
This gives me hope

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