9 Celeb UFO Stories That Will Make You Believe

9 Celeb UFO Stories That Will Make You Believe
9 Celeb UFO Stories That Will Make You Believe
Published on 11/24/2017
9 Celeb UFO Stories That Will Make You Believe


John Lennon woke up to bug like people?
Must have been the Beatles.
No? I'll leave.
It's closed minded not to be open to the idea of more intelligent life from distant planets.
Jon Lennon was probably on something.
Makes you believe.....these people are into some nice hallucinogens....
You DO realize that being a celebrity makes you LESS credible, right?
Well... to be fair most of them were probably on drugs.
Glad that the UFO seems like have huge interest in USA than other countries... *feel safe*
john lennon woke up to bug like people? ...... i hope he realised he was part of the beetles
Pretty sure victoria beckham is an alien.
Wouldn't surprise me to see something flying around since the Government hides everything from us.
Billy Ray Cyrus saw UFO? maybe it was just Miley so high XD
The so called intelligent life are host bodies inhabited by the fallen angels. In Genesis and the book of Enoch are examples of these so called alliens coming to earth to mate with human woman. You can check this out on you tube. I dare you to watch the videos on you tube and make a intelligent conclusion. Once you realize that these are the fallen angels in the Bible, than you should consider that once we die, we will either go to a place of eternal torment or escape the eternal torment . You have to choose whether to accept the free gift of God. Just read John in the New testament. You will see that everything we are seeing in the current event has been predicted in the Bible. Mark of the Beast, which is the current risk chip. natural disasters, war in the middle east, and so forth. Further more, the pope has declared that he is waiting for a alien savior. According to the prophecy scholars the pope could be the false prophet that will usher in the new one word religion. I write this to enlighten all to the fact that time is short and if we do not wake up to the fact that all that we see is the sign of the coming of the antichrist, who is the devil incarnate, His only agenda is to take as much of us humans to hell with him. he already knows that he will be cast into hell. The only way to hurt the God the creator is to force God to send his most precious creation, a man that has the essence of God breath to hell with the fallen angel Lucifer. If you doubt my words than you are lost and have a hard heart. I pray that you will seek and find out if everything I stated has validity.. Please seek a Born Again Christian, who has the desire to share the good news of the Bible. God Bless!
"9 celeb acid trips"
UFO stands for "unidentified flying object", not "alien spacecraft". If you didn't see aliens associated with the craft, you cannot say it is alien technology.
Why would I believe it more, if an actor told me?!?
Nikki Neydi Geovanni Joey Kevin im telling u guys aliens r real
What? Just coz a pointless celebrity claims to have seen a ufo, you think we should believe ???
Gtfo. ..
All ufo means is unidentified flying object, that doesn't translate to aliens. Could be government spacecrafts.
I've seen a UFO too. Good to know there's a number of us out there
Just because they're celebrities doesn't make it true or that much more believable hahaha
Hahaha het achtervolgt ons echt Larissa Hendriks
We have all seen UFO's. Unidentified flying objects. A bird/bat traveling fast enough to which you cannot make what it was counts as a UFO because you can not identify it, and it isa flying object. Therefor, we've all seen UFOs
Were not the only ones in this galaxy
Yes, we are all impressed by your dedication to celebrity nonsense.
this explains a lot....lol
2nd comment! still good (y)
We should believe in aliens because the people whose purpose on this world is to entertain us said so?... Remind me again what makes them more credible than the common alien nut.
Oh and of course aliens are real! The shear number of solar systems and galaxies makes it statistically improbably for there to not exist other intelligent life forms
Because normal people claim to see UFOs on a daily basis, but when a celebrity claims it, then its got to be true!!!
John Lennon was still probably tripping from LSD
drugs has nothing to do with this sightings of ufo,.. even scientists had witnessed it and even ordinary people like me had seen this...
Only ignorant people believe we are the only intelligent life forms on this universe.
Ana-Maria Voicu!! Russell :))))
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Jessica Lindsey Booker
UFOs can suck my ass
Matt Jansink Josie Schwarze Jess Schwarze
If a celebrity says it, it must be true !😒
Ximena Gomez
Joey Vitanza
Gabriel Gutierrez Jose Tapia Adrian Iniguez
Omar Marquez Bernard Villegas
I saw 5 or 6 aswell above my friends house hovering in a line.....
Allen Dewan Christopher
Nikolai Parodi
Julio Enriquez
Javier Trevino Jr.
Jaqueline Gaytan
Anestis Giantsios
Well! I'm sold! If a celebrity believes something it makes me believe because their opinions mean more than mine or yours!
Brittany Yates

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