8 Ways Your Crush Needs To Just Stop

8 Ways Your Crush Needs To Just Stop
8 Ways Your Crush Needs To Just Stop
crush guy love lol anyone omg
Published on 11/24/2017
8 Ways Your Crush Needs To Just Stop


"Do you know anyone?" Dafuq!
What does my crush do that drives me crazy?
Well, for one, they're fictional.
By making me feel special but then realizing he acts the same way with literally everybody.
My crush annoys me by being SO FUCKING HOT!!!!
My crush never sees me when I'm cute lol he needs to stop !
Thinking they are staring at me, but then tell me I have sauce on my cheek. -_-
"Do you know anyone" *flips table and runs off screaming*
"Do you know anyone?" WHAT DOES SOMEONE DO IN THAT CASE!?
Annoying when he knows he is gorgeous and gives you that look drives you crazy but doesn't act on it
Hunny, you besta stahp yo foolin' and go get yo MAN!. He had guys on his Tinder!!!! Its possible!! SWIPE RIGHT!
I love the fact that they've picked too guys to make the video. We are seeing a small progress in our society everyday!
when they catch you singing to yourself or something /.\
when you're clumsy in front of them
when you compliment them and they take it in a totally non flirty way
when they ask you who you like
when they don't hug you but you really want to hug them
when they tickle you and then like accidentally touch you somewhere and it turns super awkward
when they act like a douche
when they're too perfect
when they do got booty
when they got too much booty
when they're too "out there"
when they invite you to do something alone with them and you have a panic attack on the inside
when they know they're cute and are cocky about it
when they get too serious sometimes
i love that buzzfeed is so diverse in its videos!! now if you could stop with the sarcastic posts!!
I hate how he doesn't like me back haha ha 😭😭😭😭
All I have to say is that Asian dude better ask him out! It takes courage!
you know what drives me crazy? the fact that he says hi to me and im too chicken to talk to him :(
The asian guy is cute >_<
"do you know anyone" LOL, his face
I hate how people wanna hate on this video cuz the guy is gay. Get over it. Lol the situation is the same no matter your sexuality.
My "crush" is my ex that i was with for 2 years and doesn't realize we still love each other. But still hang out as "friends" when it goes farther every time.
hes so cute ~
Why do people care if they're gay or not omg shut up. It's a skit. Even if they are, it shouldn't matter.
Took me a second to catch on
I literally had a crush that said "you look cute today" and then he pets my head, what type of signals were those!?
Anyone else still waiting to get top comment?
I married my crush 😵
My crush likes to play this game where they hide in a different universe and don't know I exist.
WITH HIS ADORABLE SMILE. Ugh, stop it already.
" why do girls not like me .?"
They should have said this was about Gays......
sometimes his presence just annoys me. there are days when i randomly wanna punch himin da face
That guy is so cute! :) I would crush on him too!
they show EVERY type of non-verbal cue that says "I'm interested" but will NOT say a word. And when YOU try to show any non-verbal interest, they won't react cuz they're shyyyyYYyyy
Of course the hot Asian guy is gay.. my life..
I NEED a series of videos following these two, like ASAP.
Finally! A gay video! I love it!!!!
When they give their time to you and you realize they have another bae 😒
My Crush is clingy. She pecks my cheek and clings onto my arm every time she see's me. And i'm mentally screaming and melting inside.
My crush is my best friend and she tries to set me up with her best chick friend lol
Okay so when I was a fishy in high school I had the biggest crush on my husband I hated that he would act like he didn't show any type of interest in a girl or nothing! He was just into cars. I hated that & he seemed like a thug which I always questioned! Now he tells me he really liked me but thought I wouldn't be interested in him 😂😂 & he was so not a thug he is the cheesiest person like ever!
*that face you make when your crush catches you staring*
...my crush annoys me by being nonexistent ._.
Wow so this is what the world has come to??
My crush annoys me by being soooooooo close- and yet seeming so far away. God damn it.
Omg I fix my hair and do my makeup and by the time my crush sees me it's a mess lol 😪
When your crush asks you who your crush is 😂😭
I love they used this scenario for two gay men..made my day and its so FRIGGIN TRUE!!
So glad these comments are full of love and fun and not hate :D were evolving!!!! yay!!!

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