8 Things Women Are Trained Not To Say

8 Things Women Are Trained Not To Say With Allison Raskin
8 Things Women Are Trained Not To Say
Published on 12/11/2017
8 Things Women Are Trained Not To Say
With Allison Raskin


"I have to change my tampon." I would love to pull that one out a dinner party! Well, not literally. lol
Let's be real. We've all been "that girl" who knows she looks good.
i always want to say what she said to her friend about not listening to her advice
They try to train us not to speak our mind. But it didn't work.
"Oh, I gotta go change my tampon."
I say all of these things....
I love you?! Lol
"you wanna supervise me getting in?"
"I love you?" .............hilarious!! hahahaha
"I'll be right back, I gotta change my tampon" 😂😂😂 that made my day
No, women are not TRAINED not to say it. They can say what ever they damn well please. All of it is self inflicted. Hell, it's BETTER if they asked guys out on dates and actually told ppl Bout their feelings n shit
The thing she says about her friend talking about the boy and her not listening to her advice....sorry but thats one she totally can say ive been in that situation. If they wont listen after months and after been led on for years they never will
I am the only one who says most of this stuff anyway?
My car is right here. Literally. 😂
Well, the tampon thing...I don't announce that to anyone because I doubt the people around me really want to know that, I certainly don't want to know when the other women around me need to go change it. It has nothing to do with training and everything to do with normal common courtesy for the people around you. The phrase "Just because you can doesn't mean you should." comes to mind.
But the rest of it, yeah, I can relate a lot.
Good grief. The interview question is freaking common sense.
The world would be a better place if there weren't these stigmas...
That last one is definitely me lol
I prefer to be walked to my car even if it's right there 😂
You should say all of these things. Always. Except maybe the tampon thing.... But even then, say it
"trained to say " and " walk you to your car "do u thing we are dogs ?
Haha, I say all of these except the tampon one. I don't have my tampons on a timer, but if pestered I might say it /after/ I come back lol
I say things like this to people all the time. Was I not supposed to??
I always end up saying all those things , including the tampox part !!!
Alison is a cute biatch lol
Not for nothing but has anybody looked at Allison Raskin and said she could totally be Anastasia Steele....or ummmm, is that just me? LOL
This was hilarious. Nice post Buzzfeed!
let the man walk u to his car doing nice things that they dont even need to do makes them feel like a man..just let em do it lmaoo
Do you want to supervise me to get in? LoL haha
I tell people to go change their tampons, does that count?
This level of honesty and straight forwardness would be refreshing to tell you the truth
The reaction of the guys when she said "I have to change my tampon brb" lmfao
Possibly the best one yet!
O my ducking god Alison. If you ask me on a date and tell me you'll pay for it, i'll marry you.
Uh I say all of these. Fuck stereotypes. And I'm sorry but if my friend is bitching and moaning about some guy who is in a relationship but she thinks they are made for each other. Sure I will happily listen to her vent but I will pull her up on it afterwards. Because that shit is NOT healthy.
This is why chivalry is dead. What was once a noble act is now creepy and weird.
And it's not being trained to not say that it's called manners. If we're out to eat you don't say, "I have to go take a shit." Even if it is a natural bodily function.
Sometimes I feel this pro women shit is just complaining about problems that either never existed or are restrictions because all humans should be restricted in that way.
i'm autistic, it's not a lack of training- i just don't have that filter
I definitely say most of these things. Except the tampon part because that's honestly tmi lol.
I would say all of these things, except the tampon.
I say alot of this stuff. Haha except for the having kids and staying home part.
Watch out crazy feminist coming in saying how this is ridiculous
Don't walk me to my car
Makes me feel inferior
Even though i know i can kick ass
Some are no brainers, but I don't think all of these should be kept in. I mean if someone was making offensive jokes, you don't have to laugh and you have the right to say "that's not very funny" but all in moderation of course.
"Trained" not to say. Umm no. ALWAYS be blunt and up front. Stop being so weak and fake. I hate that shit. I was never trained to be stupid. And I can't stand being around women that are fake and tell you want they think you want to hear. Be a friend not a fucking doll.
I have to change my tampon...roflmao...sometimes i have to caught myself from saying that out loud 😂😂😂😂😂
Yeah those are pretty accurate, especially the 5 year plan!
Why don't more women say this? I encourage it. This is a good one.
Wait? We can't ask guys out on dates? Crap! I didn't get the memo! 😕
Written by a feminazi no doubt. Men don't say these things either. But yeah okay.
Haha. Most of these are me...it can get awkward
Hahahaha that is literally us

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