8 Surprising Celebrity Facts That Actually Make Total Sense

8 Surprising Celebrity Facts That Actually Make Total Sense
8 Surprising Celebrity Facts That Actually Make Total Sense
Published on 12/11/2017
8 Surprising Celebrity Facts That Actually Make Total Sense


Thank you 11 year old Katy Perry!
the fact that Elton John doesn't write the lyrics to most of his songs is not that big of a fact, you could of said the same thing and just put beyone name in front. most artists dont have the talent to sing and write their own music.
That one about Taylor Swift is rubbish. The best one is Benedict Cumberbatch.
so they're normal people
here come the running out of idea comments in 5...4...3...2...
I would have bought a truck load of coupons from Chris Pratt <3 <3 <3
The Chris Pratt and Benedict Cumberbatch ones were cool. You lost me in idgaf land after that.
Running out of ideas buzzfeed?
Looks like katy has been this dumb since long ago...
Lol I think most unendowed women have prayed for boobs
so you're telling me there are ppl in Tibet that can't say penguin?
As if I needed any more reason to love Benedict Cumberbatch.
I didn't know that about Benedict Cumberbatch
1st :'o omg :p i succeeded :'o i deserve an oscar :'o i love you buzzfeed :'o <'3
So...is Bernie Taupin not even a footnote in music history? He is/was Elton John's song writing partner. Bernie wrote the lyrics, Elton the music. I am so disappointed that is a "surprising" fact?
Terrified of revolving doors? 😂😂
"For Boobs so big that I can't see my feet when I'm lying down." Katy Perry
I stopped scrolling and played the video just for Benedict Cummberbatch xD
I like turtles🐢🐢🐢 like if you do too
That Taylor wrote something.
LONGTIME songwriting partner of Elton John!!!! Come on people...
Benedict and Pratt were the only interesting facts.
After seeing The Walking Dead yesterday, I can see why Matthew Mcconaughey fears revolving doors..
Katy Perry just made me believe in God. 😂
The Elton John one changes so much...
The póker face Lol
Who cares?
I don't see how the revolving door fear "makes sense".
Katy Perry by far
The revolving doors and Katy Perry lol
The Elton john fact surprised me.
None. Taylor Swift isnt concerned about other artists. Only about coming up with fumds to buy $20million last like the one she has in SOHO. She is so FOS.
gross, elton john.
Finally know I am not the only one TERRIFIED of revolving doors!!!!!
I hope Matthew McConaughey didn't watch the walking dead tonight then 😂
Why is Benedict Cumberbatch so f*cking pefect? ;3;
Not too surprising about Sir Elton John. He collaborated with Taupin for lyrics while he focused on the melodies. Making music was his strongsuit anyway.
This was pretty pointless
None of these were surprising bc they're human!
Me and Matt M ... just say no to revolving doors!
Here's my celebrity fact: no one fucking cares!
It's 3am over here and well buzzfeed really needs more ideas for doing videos. Like sending me food because I'm just weird and who doesn't like a midnight snack 👌
I wonder if Matthew saw tonight's episode of Walking Dead.
It definitely made me fear revolving doors.
I wish I had some big boobies to :/ damn you genetics!!!
How could someone be terrified of revolving doors..?
I do not know if I am surprised, but I'm gonna tell my gf to pray to God every day!
Who cares
Most surprising is the fact that this is a video
How did that make total sense

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