8 Struggles Adult YA Readers Know Too Well

8 Struggles Adult YA Readers Know Too Well
8 Struggles Adult YA Readers Know Too Well
Published on 10/19/2017
8 Struggles Adult YA Readers Know Too Well


I am not ashamed to read YA books. Great stories are great stories no matter what your age... unless it's Twilight.... anything is better than Twilight.
I'm sorry, I missed the reason why I should be ashamed to me 24 and enjoy YA novels? Currently I am obsessed with Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus series.
Haha this is me. 25 years old and I love YA
YA- young adult
Pfft fluff that I read every HP book as a teen but my attention span and memory from then is horrible . You bet your @ss my 25 year old self will re read all those books now. I'm reading the divergent series 😍❤️ I love reading lol
That moment when you're a Lunar Chronicles fan and knew everything they were talking about.
What is the book with Cinderella in Beijing/Little Red Riding Hood in France?
I don't get what the big deal is, technically you're still a "YA "(young adult) until you're 40. Google it! So keep readin' them YA books! I know I will!
I LOVE Tamora Pierce. I read a lot of YA books.... and I'm 27.
This is me. I'm 25. No shame.
I'm 40 and I'm not ashamed at all. YA is my favorite genre.
I love many YA works of fiction, (I also write it, so go figure), and at 24, I think that it will always be one of my main, go-to reading genres. Sure, there's some that I can't stand, mainly due to gross lack of plot, character development, intrigue, etc. but some are so very creative and just open up this huge new imaginary worlds. And where would we be without imagination?
Also, Cinder is AMAZING... really need to read the rest of that series.
Seriously buzzfeed...it's kinda creepy how much you know about my life!
If you enjoy the books, who cares what category they are in. Enjoy it. Thats the point.
If it's a book, it's open season for me no matter my age or target audience for the book. BTW, Lunar Chronicles is an awesome series! Lol
There needs to be a correlating depiction of the struggles of adults 30 and up who enjoy modern youth-oriented animation. Adventure Time has made its way into near-universal acceptance, but I get the weirdest looks from some people for being 41 and even knowing what Steven Universe *is*....
27 and read all the percy jackson's book and maybe about 50 other YA books , if i like it i read it done im not picking i read every type of genre
Deborah Eller-Doughty, Meghan Young, Hanna Whetstine, Heather Braun Butz, Cheryl Mac Donna McSweeney 😀
What is YA?
Sophia Perez Nicole MendozaBrittney GeerRachell Corsbie I WILL NOT BE SHAMED!
Mary Katherine Kelsey Rose Kristin Stevenson Kristin Elizabeth Jackie Stevenson Stancin
Nadia Rios
Sarah Lee Hyun Ji Kim This my friends is you in perhaps 10 years. Maybe 60. Even forever.
Adrienne, Laura, Jen, Leanne we understand lol
Hannah Telford Lauren Mcevoy Letisha Bell Kimberley Roberts
Paige Kniola I feel like you understand the struggle here
A Song of Ice and Fire has changed me. It's set the bar too high for drivel like The Hunger Games or Percy Jackson.
Adult Adult novels for the win!
ya = you... GGGRRRRR i've been thinking about what the hell is YA for so long!!!!!!!!
Karla Michelle Veronica A. Torres jajajajaj la parte del audio librooooo es común XD
How old do you have to be to stahp reading these novels. Cause I'm like, seriously re-reading Harry Potter right now as I write this ... ✌️
all i could think was of us Caylee Roth Tiffany Nicholls
Karlee Brown Ashley Leak Reisbig Lindsey Leak Caitlin Robinson Alison Rae
Kristin Biskup
Rebekah Agee Lysa Crandall Annie Hernandez
Khushbakht Memon Laraib Qureshi you're the only readers I know so cheers :p
Carolyn Mack Vanessa Nguyen so true!!!!
Rita Richardson, Maria Reber
Tateonna Thompson Casie Marie Levy
Ha ha ha Christina Gutierrez! That was hilarious! I totally sympathize!
BrittnyAnn Scott Arianne Herrera Victoria Perez De Arana I know you guys feel me on this one 😂😂
Gwinda Dennard
Chloë Taylor Anthea Jarvis
Tika Willis Erin Lynn You guys!
Casey Cardoso this is us
Anna Miller and Jessica Hurtado know this struggle!
I think the most annoying thing is that The Hunger Games series wasn't in order Tarrin Olive
Suzie O'Shea Aoife Gill
Love Fajardo Janine Nava
Marie Stout Tessa Garrett now & the future.
Jessica McDonald Leslie Sanchez this is my life...

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