8 Signs You're A Total Fangirl

8 Signs You're A Total Fangirl
8 Signs You're A Total Fangirl
Published on 11/19/2017
8 Signs You're A Total Fangirl


Just had to show The Fall, didn't they??
I watched this because I thought it said fatgirl....
Karlee Brown SHERLOCK hahaha that's how I would have been if I wasn't at work!!!!
Fangirl: whispers* I'm so happy for you two.
Dude: You know im married, right?
F: It just makes it more tragic.
Okay. Fall in love.
Mia when we ship something that's not canon 😂😂
Mariah Fischer... Okay maybe the Game of Thrones part is a lil bit me!
Erin Lobner the girl crying at Sherlock. Lol
Emily Beecroft this is actually u with 1d,5sos,Sherlock etc. Emma Juliette Nicola 😂
8 signs youre a total fucking loser*
I did not need this video to tell me what I already know i am. Fangirl and proud:)
god! this is so me. so jasper and bella are like my guilty pleasure ship, and my friends don't understand that. i am like attila the hun when i defend jasper. fangirl and proud to be one. :) <3
Jess Spooner Natalia Aiton Eliza Benson Eilish Murphy Chelsea Rich Alexis Bell Hannah Moses Byron Feno
The accuracy actually hurts. Grace Arnett Michelle Walsh Tania Koo Sin Lin Leilani Morris Brittany Crane Alyssa Cooper
Molly Murphy Nev Compton Courtney Louise Anne Weldon Georgia Buchanan Casey Dring
I am Fangirl Krista Stoynova you and I =Fangirls for life
Chris Castiel Redy na parte do Sherlock kkkkkkkk a gente chorado
Jo Chambliss Hood 😂😂😂 the first part is totally you. We're both like this
Selina & Lucy. Totally not you guys at all 😂
OMGGGGG this is soooooome
Shhh this totally isn't me pfft Totally not Jemma Bianka Chloe Dave Loli Sebastian
Lisa, Laura, Sarah, Tessa, Melanie
Mackenzie Aiyanna Kara Mhairi Hayden Baylee Alicia Maggie omg its me.
Gramain, Bert, Gavory, Guinin !
Victoria Kimmy Jay Camille Jayme Simran
Gemma Mathers Sophie White Sophy Cooper Alyssa Osben Eleanor Rose Jasmin Honour Ella Bell
Pretty sure this is me Chloe Wilson Lara Arbuckle-Kirk Amy Mckinley Maya Crilly Keeva Mc Faul
Madison Hard mainly the first one but omg😂
Jesse Reyes you watching that show you watch 😂
Sarah Tash Taylor it was like watching a video about my life 😂
Batoul Fakih
Justin Miller The Sherlock one is me
Tayla Thompson
Victoire Barthelemy :')
Stass McGee
me omg Tamera True
Alliyah Riaz this. Is. You
Jaimee Clevenger
Elena y Carlota
That girl crying over sherlock is me!!! And everything else... Gianna Salvo
Ana Robinson
Eden Wilson YAAAAS
Dayna Dunlap Pretty sure this is us. LMAO
Leah Carter
Robyn O'Connor Basically especially the OTP thing :') <3
Elene NikuradzeСофие КвиникадзеAnn DrewAna Kalandadze
Larah Diab Elianna Hanna Rodas Ghilom Rama Alhariri
Mackenzie Bilger
Madeline Page Meagan Page this is us three.
Luiza Gurdeva
Alisah Hilt Ally Miller Carolyn Lara

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