8 Second Turbo Truck!

This GIANT 114mm turbo truck ran an 8.07 at 178mph! Pretty DAMN fast!
8 Second Turbo Truck!
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Published on 12/10/2017
This GIANT 114mm turbo truck ran an 8.07 at 178mph! Pretty DAMN fast!


The owner of the truck is my uncle...he called out The guys from Street Outlaws and they didnt want to give him a race.
Like when you get it
Puro movimiento alterado
Thing has a 7.90 in it for sure.
Would be perfect for a daily driver.
Bad to the BONE ! 👍
Puro narquillo....
Win for being hispanic 👍👍👍👍👍
Notice the corridors in the back ground
Allen you still stalking girls and sending them pics of your dick on FB? Ya I saw a girls warning on here about you. So you can fuck off.
H - town!
I wonder if there in a cartel? Lol
That Narco money tho 😂😂
How many times you gonna post this truck
I wonder if you ever thought of doing a weight reduction
The farmtruck could kick his ass lol.
Dam it that's hard
Not taking nothing from the truck but I love the blazer
Gawt dam
Geez... Nice truck !
This truck is a beast!!
Pinches corridos jajajajajaja
He is trying to be like daddy Dave from street outlaws , but daddy Dave truck is faster .
Hell yeah
Gotta love Houston
Hey where is that farm truck fool at ?
Bb block turbo,o yea.
Tha a badass truck
Chev baby!! 👍 heck that's almost as fast as my S10
Same motor,turbo and tranny I'm gonna run in my mustang.
114mm turbo on a well prepped V8 only traps 178mph? We must have really good air or something in Rochester
Royal purple raceway baby!
But ass truck. Felicidades compas!! Maybe some weight reduction will help too!! Those bumpers could make a difference
Not the biggest fan of that body style silverado but i love to see full size trucks and suvs from all brands handling buisiness on tracks!
Awesome truck guys, congratulations on the record
Beaners so i dont care
He sells dope
I bet you there some Jap Import guy saying that's not fast..... Then again it a Jap Import guy with a 1750 pound ricer
It's an awesome truck! What is the world record for?

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