8 Places You'd Rather Be Sleeping Right Now

8 Places You'd Rather Be Sleeping Right Now
8 Places You'd Rather Be Sleeping Right Now
Published on 07/20/2017
8 Places You'd Rather Be Sleeping Right Now


What a luxurious voice.
I don't know about that bench
I love sleeping on small kittens...
Forget the bench and the office
BuzzFeed what the fuck-
wtf is the point of this video?
buzzfeed what the actual fuck like who the fuck wants to sleep on a park bench or in an office??? and there was only 7 but i'm assuming the eighth one would be a fucking garbage can or some shit
My bucket list: Sleeping in park bench smh yup...
Why would I want to be sleeping on a bench?
Yeah, this wasn't at all creepy
im watching this at 3am unable to sleep, and watching this video makes me wanna go to sleep.
Danayi Mazarire bench orr..
Richard Hockley
Chloé MarieLou Smith Chloe Anya
Mariam Jabr The guy's voice doesn't help anyone sleep
sherry liked this
i would snuggle with the kittens hahaha
Yeah, this wasn't at all creepy
"aahhhhhhh heeeeree"
Well that got creepy fast haha
That was only 7 buzzfeed! Pick.up your game! ;))
Michael Pharoah
I only counted 7 places??
Snuggle with the kitties!
In the office oh yeah dream place
Mike Anstis boat bed doesn't make the list
Am I crazy? I swear there were only 7...
Rebecca Luddington Jade Gillis
Greg Farris
Eli Cornell kills me laughing
Giulio Mastantuono
They are just running out of ideas at buzz feed
Luis Arturo Maltos
Where isn't really relevant. I'd just rather be sleeping right now.
you bastards lol. Im sleep deprived and stuck at work
You Tall Moll
Umer Baig
Nailed it
Tammy Tull Ziffer
Cristen Coleman
Gretchen MacCormack
Jake Galvin orrrr a closet
Marlene Covarrubias lol I just can't stop laughing for some reason
xD the guys voice is like a pedophiles
Jerred Owsley
Bryan Wilder
Yoshi Mora
Cody Berge
Noor Wanas us over the weekend
I'd love to be cuddled up with those kittens!

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