8 More Urban Dictionary Definitions You Need To Know

8 More Urban Dictionary Definitions You Need To Know
8 More Urban Dictionary Definitions You Need To Know
Published on 10/19/2017
8 More Urban Dictionary Definitions You Need To Know


"We in this bitch, finna get crunk, eyebrows on fleek, da fuck." 😂 😂 😂
Dick butterflies. I'm done. The fucking narrator doesn't help either. I'm just done.
Senpai is is being misused, why?
Senpai is a Japanese term for someone above you- as in a higher grade in school, or a higher position at work. How is this an urban dictionary thing?
Marni Thou, it hurts.
Senpai... Oh gosh. I wonder how many other anime fans would laugh at that.
I narrated this. So I got paid to say "dick butterflies."
Dick butterflies, brilliant..... lol
Senpai is someone who is older than you in knowledge or age in Japanese. But that's a joke in anime and manga lmfao
Omg hope they really know the meaning of senpai
Kara dick butterflies
lol senpai is just a title you use in Japan for a higher authority, not "someone who will never notice you"
Lol that senpai definition tho...
I love how most people probably laughed at senpai. Without realizing that the definition is an anime joke xD
BTW, senpai is an actual janapanese word/honorific and it means upperclassmen
NOTICE ME SENPAI!!! XDDD Stephanie Tatsumi Xerxelle Xerxes KaiCia Roee Sofia Miku Ash Alyssa Samuel Db
As a 20-something gay man, I can't help but feel uncomfortable that teenagers are using the term "shade" nowadays.
Such is slang, doe. Ever-evolving.
"We in this bitch finna get crunk. Eyebrows on fleek, dafuq" Stella Iskandarian Sumyia Razzak Kaitlyn Downing Alexa Deuschle Nicole Dominguez Cindy Chen
Senpai is a real Japanese word. Smh. I know half of the people that say it don't realize what it means
Joseph Senpai!!!! :D your definition came up in this vid!!! lol 😂😅😭😏😉 as soon as I heard it I was all like, "welp, there it is, he's never gonna notice me, might as well as tag him!!" 😉😅😏😂😭 lmao!!
more like senBYE don't ruin senpai for me pls
Fucking lipbanging 😒😣 Kianne Viellaris Sabrina Stroud Patty Burton Lizzy Burton Natasha Mee Elizabeth Gillon Mariana Fernandes
FYI xoxoxo Chloe Nolan Kaitlin Chandler Kate Traynor Caoimbhe Burke Amy Mcgrath Aoife Keegan Chloe Reilly Ben Murphy Mark Webster Andrew Fox Shane Clarke
Reece Jae Sonny Toto Rebecca CowieDilan PaisAustin VellaRobert MurphyMitchell DicalfasJordan Panov
Julian ShalalaChris BayniePatrick Barba Matt McGaw Ambrose Teo
Nidhi Patel Umber Rahman Saad Abbas Ace Khan Kanika Asthana Swapna Sesha Pisipati Seven Jay Hudz Aziz Jill Chaudhuri Waqas AwanZain Siddiqui Rudra Sinharoy
Meagan Burr Georgia Keenan Edana Matthys Michelle Roberts Jacqueline Thompson
We are all so guilty of these!
Amy Simmonds Ashleigh Cone Darcy Cohen BonnieSweetman JakeRockley Eathan Mangles
Lmao Darnell Gregory Luis Santana Charlie Rodriguez Johnathan Martinez Davion Daniels Nerue Kerr Kenny Abreu
Yannick De Guchteneere
Saj Mahal
Fruit Minja
Bongiwe Courtney Hansen Simran Samantha Malhotra Oraney Saluphta Nikoline Esther Madsen Mia Lykke Hjort Gren😂👌
Giulia Lencioni Ashleigh McCurrach Cailin van Ginkel Alexandra Roccas because I don't care about studying Afrikaans :")
OMG YES Tylah Urban Ebony Reynolds Chloe Bastow Stacey Kwiatkowski Brie Bolonis Allison Penduck Teagan Walker Ellie Tomazin Caitlyn Cayeux
Ashley Bothma, Gwyneth Vine, Madeline McGuffie, Daniel Johnston, Maddison Bell, Kendra Hawkins, Brayden McCormick
Blake McPhan Alika Sara Tac Jackson Hammond Tim Gilbert Riley Tilborghs Joe Dodd Ben Hutt
Zach Wiley Dara Hengst Phoebe Hengst Gabby Feliciano Whitney Wiley Carson Wickliffe Chris Slavik
Nathan Nguyen-Huynh 😂
Nabil Nazri Sung Won Choi Egan Theodore Khomasurya Linus Setiabrata Xian Kai Ng Nicholas Pudjarminta Nate Koswara-Simms Divya Agrawal Tara Marijewko "senpai"
Stella King Brittnee Vincent Marieka van der Lee Nicole Bonenkamp
Vanessa Juarez lip banging ? Lol
Senpai? Really?? -_______-
Ashley Renfro you are the last one
Rachel Park hahahahha
Chelsea Simpson
Heather Comereski NOTICE MEH SENPAI
Nick Rhodes
Jessica D'Estrella Laura-Jean Schnupp this is too funny!
Ryan Pagel Jennifer Hudson Keilan Jackson Josh Orton Alejandro AttheDisco
this narrator is the best
Henry T. Nguyen Stephanie Choi watch 0:58
Rebekah Langsbury
Chris Melara Justin Kern

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