8 Mind-Blowing Secrets For Shopping At Target

8 Mind-Blowing Secrets For Shopping At Target
8 Mind-Blowing Secrets For Shopping At Target
Published on 11/24/2017
8 Mind-Blowing Secrets For Shopping At Target


8 facts I'm going to forget about target 8 minutes after watching this.
Alex works there
will Alex from Target bag my things?
I was expecting to see a picture of #AlexFromTarget
You Guys Forgot Alex From Target 😂😂❤
They forgot "Find Alex from Target"
But where's Alex?
Target will change the price if it is within $5 of what you said and it is over $10. Also its every bag that is used not that is brought in. And most Goodwill's do not get the goods anymore. They go back to the main distribution center than sent out to different areas. So if your city has a distribution center than you can see target goods for cheaper else where. And electronics are a lot harder to return because of people abusing that return policy.
Ha! I'm a Target Team Member and I didn't even know about the clearance sticker price changes. I'm a cashier though so I don't deal in pricing. ^_^ Nice to see we're getting some positive attention rather than a bunch of "is it safe to use my card here now?" and "are you going to steal my information?" :P
Immediately thought of Alex From Target
Also, you might run into Alex..
And don't forget Alex works there.
Leigh Ann bet you knew these but... if you didn't... you're welcome.
Amanda Mobly Edith Johnson Janet Calderon Erika Calderon
Brittany Allia ElBate did you already know all of these? Lol
Helen Chau
Brittany Hesse Breana Hesse
Briana Gonzalez
Kimberling Garibay #AlexFromTarget
Marni O'Bryan Anna Dooley
Lona Pchz
Jeri Slim
Melissa Lynn Farmer I feel like I know most of this because of you 😁😁😁😁
Allyson Nockideneh
Cruz Rios
90 days for electronics if you have a red card ;)
Justin Lee
Jessica Post Aretz
Mel Gould, thought this might help you ;)
Laura Culbreath
I seen this and automatically thought you Bethany Carmien, but I'm sure you knew about all these secrets.
Alissa Kaylin Rice
Hayley Deal
😏😏 Jenell Victoria Dominique Venzella Woods Royda Woods
Danielle Marie Benoit
Brenda Cinthya Adriana
Kateri Goodwin Mackenzie Smith Vitória Siano Kuzolitz
Miana Donahue
Tiffany L Samuel enjoy boo
Ashley Dwelle I think we found our weakness
Gabby Howard
Ameerah Williams
Delilah Lovebee
Jose Garcia
Angie Angie może Ci się przyda :)
Adam Luchsinger
Lani Wang
Laura 'KW' Jackey
Talia SoFie\

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