8 Lady Viners You’ll Want To Follow

8 Lady Viners You’ll Want To Follow
8 Lady Viners You’ll Want To Follow
Published on 04/29/2017
8 Lady Viners You’ll Want To Follow


They weren't funny...
I didn't like anyone on this list. I love Brittany Furlan! Sorry the girls on this list look like they try too hard to be funny.
The one laid out on the escalator FLOORED me! Lol
Where Lee Pons at????
Where is Brittany Furlan? those girls are lame
Didn't even laugh, vine is a waste of time.
Where is Lele Pons? She is actually funny!!
Renan Boe é um viado // Renan Boe is gay
These vines all sucked
They seem wack .. all 8 of them .
Lol how about nahhh #swerve #NotFunny
8 white lady viners you won't want to follow.
The depression cereal was kind of really offensive...
These were horrible. They are trying to hard to be funny.
Lele Pons
Brittany Furlan? Jessi Smiles? Lele pons? Allicatt?
Soooo were they supposed to be funny?? ¯\_(•_•)_/¯
Meghan McCarthy
Lele Pons? Liane V? Julia Kelly? Brittany Furlan? Amanda Cerny? Megan Nahhhman?
Those should not represent lady viners
They weren't funny
i dont know what vine is??
There is a minute 40 of my life i will never get back
All stupid
Not even funny. Fuck you buzzfeed. Was I the only one hoping her hair would get caught in the escalator
None of those were the tiniest bit funny.
Brittany furlan, Liane V and Lele Pons are the funniest.
Brittany furlan
Huge FAIL on this one. Nothing funny at all.
None of them were even remotely funny...
None of these were funny
Yeah... don't want to follow them
Not funny at all. Brittany Furlan,, Liane V, Simone Shepperd = funny
Dave Mays
Elayna me and the depression cereal!
These bitches have way too much time on their hands.
Lele pons 😍👌
Marta Guevara Rukoz PLANKING level au dessus la ! on doit le faire (sec 43)
Monica Hendrix The girl with the tubes reminded me of you lol
Kristen Blizel
I didn't like any of them. Not that funny
Lele pons
Not one of these was funny.
They all suck lol
None of these were funny.The only female I find funny is Brittany Furlan.
Diego Fernandez Adriana Wong
Ethan Fitzgerald Brooke Birrell

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