8 Iconic Dance Moves That Prove K-Pop Is The Best

8 Iconic Dance Moves That Prove K-Pop Is The Best
8 Iconic Dance Moves That Prove K-Pop Is The Best
Published on 10/16/2017
8 Iconic Dance Moves That Prove K-Pop Is The Best


That Asian guy is so cute! *drools*
Are you telling me that besides being a GORGEOUS asian, this guy can dance to k-pop??? /sobs quietly
I'm so in love with guy teaching the dance! Ugh every video he's in. I fan girl
Pretty sure everyone in the comments has a huge crush on the guy in the skeleton shirt
Wow that Asian guy is so awesome at dancing!!
Biggest crush on the choreographer.
People i know the asian guy is pretty good at dancing but i mean come on look at the dude with the speedo. Thats sexy
Love the dance instructor
really hard to see the moves when the director cuts every 1-2 seconds
I suggest the guys to watch Abracadabra by BEG. You'll thank me. ;]
Hailey the girl in the giraffe costume. Dude I died.
The way this comments are going it seems like soon panties will be flying lol.
Ayy, Ay skeleton shirt guy... you cute ;) :) how you dooooin?
Just so everyone knows, "that Asian guy" is Eugene Lee Yang :) in case anyone wanted to know his name.
Jajajaja well kpop rulz jajajajaja and now you know it jajajajaja and is the easy choreography jajajaja you need watch once more difficult jajajaja
too late for 4L's Move choreography awww
Prudence Huang Sofía Nahir Fernández Valdés Rachael Bacchus Oneysha Brown Gabrielle Henry Mirialie Dejesus west wing twerking sesssions ;)
Hey its the asian guy that got his ass hair waxed
hahahah Clara Eunbi Choi Campbell BrownKorbel Celina Wong Amy Lai
Hillary Rose
Anna Saechao Nai Saechao
Anna Saechao
Precious Maravilla Ü
Kpop motherfuckers
Judy Zhu Hoilam Ng Zoey Lo Best. Gee cover. Evar XD
Omg yes! We're doing a dance soon, I'll let you all know why ;).... Ashley Marie Villacis Javeria Saba Murshea Nilofer Nobi
wait for 2ne1 tb to the talent show Xena Cuevas Ashley Marie Villacis Nilofer Nobi Javeria Saba
Danny Giang Le Christina Alexis John Kwon
Debbie Tsang Luan Whitworth Jenny Lao
Hleda Lor Elleen Thao Whitney Thao Nue Lor Mai See Xiong Judy Lor
Miranda & Lydia ☺️
Era Mae Gabrinez Merle-ann Guevara Karen Joy Abi-abi Faye Mendoza Erick Penetrante <3
Yna Angela Tiongson Madeline Brooklyn Jessie Nathan Brandon Wolf Utia lol
Perla Garcia I love you! LOL Melissa Rico
Abracadabra :]]]
Holly, Dikchhan, Julia, this reminded me of you. :p
Noelani Wong Matt Lolotai
Chin Jammiel Yuki :DDDD
Super fun
"The thing is, every kpop video, there's 12 people and they are 100% in sync..."
'Hey ladies i'm TOP' lolz please
since when can Eugene dance omg my lifeeeee
Christina Ramos Christina Shin Henry Dieu Henry Kwan Brandon Yamauchi Gina Byun Deborah Yoo David A Tran
Christian Cabrera & Lynn Ma If you haven't seen this yet...
Clarii Chan Ana Maria Rotaru :))
Kaylee Peshlakai "hey ladies I'm TOP" lol
Heather Lee omg eugene keeps it 100
Oriarn Rima Nakkila Naidu Saajidah Murasakibara-Choi i thoroughly enjoyed this

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