8 Awesome Kids With Awesome Pets

8 Awesome Kids With Awesome Pets via America's Funniest Home Videos
8 Awesome Kids With Awesome Pets
Published on 11/19/2017
8 Awesome Kids With Awesome Pets
via America's Funniest Home Videos


Just watched this and almost fell off the couch. That's my little boy in the tub 12 years ago!!!
People on here talking about how bad it is for the kids being licked in the mouth...but some of your mouths that kiss your babies have been on penises. Multiple ones too!! 🙊 just saying.
The rooster .. Lmao
My cat loves napping with my 4month old son :) I'm always right next to them though!!!
These comments make me laugh. Having a dog lick a baby isn't any worse than that baby finding something on the ground and sticking it in their mouth. I have had 4 children and trust me. There are worst things then a pet. Let your children be children and quit sheltering them then wonder why they are sick all the time. I had twin boys and they are three now and they still stick weird things in their mouth and eat dirt pies cause that is what children do. When we were babies our parents expose us to everything and i hardly get sick.
These cats are the cutest. And dogs. And all of them. <3
Dog licking baby in mouth.......ewww
Cuddling time oh is so cute imma die 😍
Having a pet is similar to having a kid. No give backs. A pet is not for every kid and family. #youlostmeattitle. Uggg...
Its called love and I feel sorry for those kids whose parents won't let them have a pet
I cannot believe that people allowed those dogs to lick their babies in the mouth. Ugh and nasty!
Kids who are taught to respect and love and receive love from animals grow up to be good human beings. And -- they experience such joy.
Absolutely!!!every pet should have a kid!
Should be: why kids should have an animal around. Kids shouldn't own pets. They aren't responsible. Parents should own pets to let kids enjoy them.
Absolutely awesome an true! ♡♡♡
Some of these videos proves why kids or just some people should not have pets!!! Unless you can teach a child to respect an animal neither the child or adult should have one
Yep I'll say it! That is nasty! Why let your baby get french kissed by the dog? Sanitary or not, why?? I just don't get it. Do you french kiss your dog? Do you kiss your baby like that dog? I doubt it. So why let your baby have that nasty exchange? They lick their butts. Poop area. #justsaying #grossedout
einfach mal was zum lachen, super :)
Did anyone else thought of Link when that kid was being chased by the chicken xD
So cute I must share:)
Holy crap, watch a video of kids and pets... Click on the comments and 😱😳😂
Haley ha-ha never enough animal videos
Absolutely adorable!! Every child should have a pet to grow up with. It's all about unconditional love.
So its "unsanitary" for a dog to lick a kids mouth, Yet Y'all be sucking and swallowing dick & cum and kissing y'all's baby's mouth too!
Ah man, I already know I'm a huge germophobe v.v buuut did anyone else cringe when the dogs licked the baby's mouth lol? Bleh😷
TeeHee funny and cute
Lmao this is so cute!!!!
Hey, wtf guys!!! I'm 12 and I bought a pet last Feb. because of this video and so far it hasn't done one of these things!! Just shits & chews my stuff, False advertising!
This is Hilarious! Shared!
Wish my cat was that sweet to my son. He loves the cat so much. The cat doesn't Return his affection lol
Jajaja que chido video !!!!
Ugh why am I watching all these soft ass videos haha Melissa Kim
This is an amazing video kids should have a pet animal they are so nice and for parents that work a lot and have to have a babysitter the kid can have more fun with their animal then their babysitter and the babysitter can just watch the child and plus pet make everything fun and teach responsibility and for all those parents..that think pets are bad for kids their gross and all the other stuff about pets pets are not dirty and for pets licking kids faces is actually better then you kissing your child a dogs mouth is cleaner than a persons mouth so think about that
Only if you have kids & love animals will you find this quite normal! I do
I really like this video, it's interesting and fun to watch.
Too cute. I love the one where the kid is scratching his dog's belly, and the dog was scratching the kid's back.
Why would you let your pet lick your baby in the mouth ..... Babies don't want to be licked on the mouth have a pet stuffed on there seat just because you think it's cute and wanna make a video for Facebook
I think this is adorable and totally agree that kids need pets but fer fuck sake, stop letting them lick your babies MOUTHS. They. Lick. Their. Arses.
To all you idiots saying a dog's mouth is cleaner than a human's mouth...
This video is gross.
The cat jumping off the couch on the baby? OMG, hilarious!
love pets, but I don't like mouth licking dogs. ick
Nothing wrong with pets and children ect but letting a dog lick a baby on the mouth is disgusting! Dogs lick their own butt's to clean them and also carry germs that humans don't. All this about humans mouths being on mens and women's body parts is different as we all brush our teeth and use mouth wash to kill most bacteria in our mouths. We are cleaner than dogs! I'm sure most of you wouldn't lick your butt then kiss your child on the mouth..would you?!
I wouldn't let a dog lick my bbys mouth.... kinda gross
The black dog was saving that child in a life vest. Dogs are truly a mans best friend. "He is like human are you just going to stand there your kid is in danger." Good dog. ☺
Am I the only one who thinks that a child should never chew on a gross dog bone?!?!?!?
Am i the only one whose against animals licking babies in their mouth?! Like that just irks me. 😖😒
The kid and the rooster 😭😂
so cute kids and pets go together
This is cute but not EVERY kid needs a pet. Pets are expensive and a very long-term commitment. Don't get a puppy or kitten just to make your kids happy unless you're happily committing to be that pet's parent for the next 15+ years too. If you do get a family pet, teach your children responsible pet ownership by getting a rescued animal, getting them regular vet treatment and getting them spayed or neutered. ❤️
Aww we need a baby! We have enough pets lol Fernando

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