7 Very Important Best Friend Conversations

7 Very Important Best Friend Conversations
7 Very Important Best Friend Conversations
Published on 09/20/2017
7 Very Important Best Friend Conversations


There should be a video,for best friends that are a guy and a girl.
My best friend was feeling shitty one day and I asked her if she wanted me to send her a picture of my nipple, fully expecting her to say no. But she said yes, fully expecting me not to send an actual nipple pic. I sent her a nipple picture. That's taking the friendship to the next level right there.
Thae curly hair girl is hot!!!
I need a best friend 😭
I wish you took a picture and sent it to me😂😂
This is awesome! one of my favorites!!! Prefect response to "I feel bloaty and fat!".
they need to do guy BFF vids.
I would prefer the video with Gaby and Allison 😍
I don't like these new actors
Try that same topic but with men. Lol
Me and my friend: "I feel fat" "ugh, so do I" "you wanna exercise?" "Do you?" "Not really" "eh, I don't either" *eats a whole tub of ice cream*
Someone needs to take that blonde girl's scissors away.
I'm not sure why I am not fond of the blonde girl. I want to watch the videos; however, I tap to watch it and I usually have to turn it off 😫🙅
Fuck these shitty videos they are just crap
I miss my best friend 😢
LMAO. "Important" convos
Hahaha! I love how my bestie is a dude and we've totally had all of these conversations.
Katie Beck this is is. Also can you come over like right now so we can sit on my back porch and drink wine. Also look out the window into lincoln and judge people, while we drink wine? K thank love you. Be over, like now. Kk thanks.
Katie US
Oh what it's like to have friends.
The bloated convo is the best
I used to have those.
They talk like gay guys, i dunno any girls like this.. Thank god
Omg I agree
Amy Pothecary these are clearly not best friends. If we said we looked fat in something and it was true the other would say yes, you look like a whale, wear something else and choose the person an outfit :) <3
Arleta Knottnerus "Let's marry brothers" which sounds like a really cool idea but since I'm marrying Rutger than that means you'd be marrying Otto....so no to that idea.
Omg Aimee... We should totally date brothers 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Rikki Paquette totally use umm minus the brother dating part...that is a little illegal. But I will show you my poop if you are interested or if you feel we need to connect on a deeper level
Sarah! Since we're kinda sorta talking about this right now. And we've most definitely had every one of these conversations. Especially "What if we date brothers?! WE'D BE RELATED!" hahah
Freya Barr "After you shit sometimes does your butthole hurt"
Lol i think we already had all these convos 👯👌
Rebekah Cirami Melissa Ariel y'all are my best friends and I'm pretty sure every one of these has happened.
I've had them all lol
i love the last one
i miss girly conversations but feel they often wiind up in gossip sessions
this can be me and my friend Ash
Do guys not get to have best friends? There's never any guy 'bff' bf videos.
I love you, i love you too moments ;)
Cute 😍
Me and my best friend literally just had the "what if we dated brothers" convo yesterday. Hahaha
Joelle Torres lmao
Hahahaha omg @aliyyah
My husband is my best friend! I dont trust bitches!
The blond reminds me of Lindsey Lohan
Gosh females are weird lmfao

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