7 Tips For Not Ruining Your Wedding

7 Tips For Not Ruining Your Wedding via America's Funniest Home Videos
7 Tips For Not Ruining Your Wedding
Published on 10/21/2017
7 Tips For Not Ruining Your Wedding
via America's Funniest Home Videos


Its not a wedding until you body slam your wife.
Those people slapping cake are pretty violent.
the step ladder was cute though
I've been watching BuzzFeed Video nonstop on youtube for the last two days. Stop doing this to me. There's too much hilarity and embarrassment, I'm not sure my heart can handle it.
Don't have a wedding....problem solved. Ta-daahh! 😂😂
There is a study that says if you smash the wedding cake in each others faces it it a sign of passive aggressive and more likely to get divorced! :)
I told my husband absolutely NOT happening with cake being smashed in my face! I don't understand the need to do that, and quite frankly I find it... Rude.
Here's a tip: don't celebrate weddings pretending like you're a millionaire celebrity couple. You're not. It's not worth it and it's just for show. Save that money for your kids and grandkids instead.
That stool was the cutest marriage kiss. 😭
Please stop the AFV videos. People have stopped caring about it since 2003. Thats being kind actually.
For me this is 7 reasons why I didn't have a large wedding!
finally a good video
Omg. Wedding bloopers are the best !!
omg I've never laughed so hard to a buzzfeed video before :D:D
best tip I have for me to not ruin my wedding...is for me to not get married
The BEST wedding video ever! lol lol
Lol aww 😂 this was hilarious so funny
Could be why we only invited 8 people to our wedding.
Buzzfeed, U guys r really running out of ideas😂
Its those funny moments that make the wedding special 😄
0:15 best wedding moment ever hahahaha
Why do I love watching this............because it is so funny.
hilarious 3:) its all really funny except that wig one that old lady must have felt embarrassed...
This is soo funny!!!
This was cute and funny
Ha ha ha. very funny.
OMG...this is sooooo funny....
Ruining ur marriage is guaranteed tho
OMG that is too funny.
The best moments of a wedding ... I love weddings
So glad I didn't have a big wedding! Whenever I see videos like these it just makes me glad all over again!
Mahnoor, you funny girl!
I think mishaps in a wedding are what make it special and unique.
This is pretty funny
Weddings are so complicated... Lol
OMG that is so funny!!!!!
Hahaha! You don't know you have been mad at your partner until you decide to slap your wedding cake to their face!
The cake smashing stuff is exactly why I'm not going to do that at my wedding it gets out of hand so quickly
Traditional weddings suck-- tacky Vegas wedding all the way!!
These are hilarious!
OMG so freaking funny
This made me very happy 😊
good reasons for don't get married...
I'll count myself lucky if any of this happens. Makes for a great story.
I am not a joker. I would rather give him a piece of the wedding cake {pick one out that is delicious and tasty) , kiss him, and whisper to him " The best is yet to come.) This would put a smile on his face . Smashing a cake just makes him concentrate on cleaning himself off. Rather leave the cake tasting thinking of what is coming next. :) By the way, I am now married going on 46 years this Sept..
What is with the cake thing? Is this some kind of tradition to viciously shove cake in your partners face? Seems pretty passive aggressive to me. Wonder how long it took those couples to get to divorce court.
This may have been the only time "America's Funniest Videos" have actually been funny.
Do not take picture on deck.
This will make you cringe.

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