7 Simple Hacks Every Dog Owner Should Know

7 Simple Hacks Every Dog Owner Should Know
7 Simple Hacks Every Dog Owner Should Know
Published on 10/20/2017
7 Simple Hacks Every Dog Owner Should Know


If your dog eats it's own poop, put pineapple in his diet. It will make his poop taste bad and he'll stop eating his poop.
The toy hack looks a bit dangerous but everything else is cool.
Uh my dog would be like why the hell is this ball in my food and would take it out 🐶
Shampoo & let them sit for 5 minutes - Bwahahahaha!
With the leash, u can put the latch part through the hand loop and tie around some thing...u don't need the extra metal piece.
so glad I have a cat.
I don't even know why I watched this...
I don't even have a dog. XD
Who needs to worry about hair on the carpet when you have a turtle?
I have many years experience with dogs from working at pet store.
1) wee wee pad training: soak some of your puppies pee on a paper towel and apply smell to wee wee pad> dogs use olfactory when looking to urinate. Cheaper than pheromone spray.
2) Crate training: puppy should only have enough room to turn around/lay down> can hold his bladder for how many months old plus 1 up to about 8-12 hours max, ex: 3 months + 1 = 4 hours
3) always have treats with you for your puppy to reward for everything he does right...positive reinforcement works much quicker and with less stress for you and him than punishment.
I wouldn't do the impromptu toy, mainly because my German Shepard would cut himself with the plastic
The Toy hack out of a plastic water bottle is not a good idea..
When my Golden Retriever was a pup we use to let him play with empty plastic water bottles all the time. He was always getting sick, vomiting and diarrhea, took him to the vet to find out what was wrong. The vet said it could be from him playing and chewing on the plastic bottles, the toxins from the plastic are getting into his system and making him sick. We stopped giving him them to play with and he stopped getting sick like that all the time. So I tell everyone don't let your pet play with empty water bottles, the plastic is toxic.
Dawn dish soap is safe for animals thats why they use it to wash animals that are covered in oil from oil spills look it up.
What if you got a pitbull? That dog toy isn't gona last very long nor is that ball in it's food 😂
Actually you should probably put the water bottle in a long sock first. Keeps the pups from actually eating the plastic....
Instead of rawhides, give powerful chewers elk or deer antlers. They sell them at most pet stores. They're stronger than rawhides and contain minerals that are good for the dogs.
Definitely going to try the water bottle toy treat thing. 👍
So I put a tennis ball in my dogs food bowl... She just took it out and went back to eating...she does it every time... Great tip!
Use plastic easter eggs to hide treats around the house. It gives them a challenge trying to find a way to open them.
Kyal Meyers this is great! But the commenters are so cynical. Makes me lol.
I'm A dog bather an you don't need vinegar just dawn and water will do the trick!
the dog shampoo is a terrible choice. it literally obliterates their natural oils.
If They dig fill a spray bottle with 1-2 tblsp tea tree oil and a few cups of water. Spray the hole, they won't touch it again.
Shawn Garete look at comments too. Dog eating cat poop lol
The leaving your dog outside a shop one was pretty useless, just unclip the lead, thread the lead through the handle around a pole and clip back onto your dog...
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Don't bathe your dog in Dawn!!
Dawn is on the Mayo Clinic list of household chemicals to avoid - dawn has quaternium 15 which produces formaldehyde when contacts water - the Quaternium 15 ingredient is in many household chemicals including baby shampoo
Quaternium-15: - A formaldehyde donor Quaternium-15 is a preservative and anti-microbial and a severe cause of dermatitis. It is also a teratogen (causes birth defects in animals) ("A Consumer's Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients", Ruth Winters, Three Rivers Press, 1999) According to Dr. Epstein, "This ingredient is generally safe, BUT will break down in the bottle, or tube, or on the skin to release formaldehyde for which the evidence of its carcinogenicity is literally overwhelming."
What if your dogs don't chew on toys? My dogs just look at them...
Do you have one for cats?
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I actually do the last one Bruno Hoang
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Dog wee on hard wood/marble/laminate/lino flooring? Use non bio washing powder or gel to mop it up, gets rid of the smell so they don't go back and repeatedly wee :)
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Definitely some great tips. Check this out Alma Misses A Mo Judith MoralesAmanda MoralesJohnny Armando Morales
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Adaya Kopachevsky and Alexandre Bourassa, do you do these things?
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