7 Reasons It’s Time To Get A Cat

7 Reasons It’s Time To Get A Cat
7 Reasons It’s Time To Get A Cat
Published on 12/10/2017
7 Reasons It’s Time To Get A Cat


WHY IS EVERYONE COMMENTING THAT DOGS ARE BETTER?? Where all my cat lovers at???? #TeamCat
You forgot the part where they pee in a litter box so that your entire house smells. and that they're evil.
Post a video of reasons to get another cat, my husband needs some convincing
Cats??? Patient???
Why does it have to be one or the other. If you don't like cats or dogs pls bring them all to me.
If you have a shitty cat, you're probably a shitty person. If your house smells like litter box, FUCKING CLEAN IT.
Dogs are so needy and annoying. Love my kitties ♡♡ they're like walking, meowing stuffed animals that love me.
Dogs are cooler
Why do people have to choose between a dog or a cat...why can't we have both?? I want a dog and a cat! Both are great in their own way.
To all the ones complaining and saying dogs are better just to try to get a rise out of people. Shut it and read:
Cats and dogs are like apples and oranges. You can't really say one is better than the other, it really depends on the person and their lifestyle and what they are getting a pet for. Cats are low maintenance, dogs are not. Cats are more chill to just hang out with, dogs are not. Dogs can go running with you and you can take them hiking/swimming, cats you can't. Dogs act like 4yr old children and want to be around you at all times. Cats are more amusing because they have more attitude and are independent and non-clingy. I have cats AND dogs. Each pet has their positives and their negatives... and I love them EQUALLY and all of my pets are my family.
Cats rule dogs drool
I prefer dogs way more.
I could come up with way more than 7 reasons.
I would rather have a loyal pet than a sneaky selfish pet.
I didn't like cats before I got one tbh
Not gonna lie I tried so so so hard to be a dog person and I just can't... Cats are my spirit animal
dogs are cute,but cats are better ;)
Ugh, I already want another cat, why're you making it worse?!
EDIT: Also, what's up with all of the cat hate? Like, y'all sound like you got friend-zoned by a cat. I've had cats my whole life, and they're the best pets.
so purrfect 😻
Erm, I dunno but its mostly kittens in this video ??
There are TONS in the shelters as it's almost May and there will be thousands more soon.
Adopt a kitty today!
1 reason i shouldnt have a cat: im allergic
Reasons why some people can't get a cat:
1) they or a family member might be allergic
2) their landlord won't allow cats
3) they might not have enough money to care for a cat
I fucking love cat's ♡....aholes but love them little jerks
got 6 adult cats and 9 kittens..some are rescued ones
2 reason to not get a cat:
Now this video is cute but now let's see reason not to get a cat!! Those should be hilarious!
Numbers 4, 5, and 6 do not describe my cat at all.
I have a dog but I want a cat too 😻
Kittens are adorable, but then they turn into cats.
Nope. Prefer dogs.
Wait. The cat is giving me the stink eye.
litter boxes tho
I NEED A CAT..... :'(
Just seven reasons? I can give you a million reasons to have a dog
Still not getting a cat.
If you have a mean cat and a house that smells like cat you are probably a bad owner and shouldn't have a cat!!
I love cats and dogs but people need to stop with the cat hate.
Cats are NOT patient. 😒
My cat is an asshole. I want a dog!
Aimz S-b!!! You should totes get a kitty for all of the reasons listed in this video... But mainly so I can come over and play with him!!!! 😱😍😍😍😍
one and only reason why I shouldn't get a cat. *Allergic to a cat fur.
Technically those are 6 reasons
Cats > popcorn
*grabs dog*
Cat Lover here & accounted for! A friend once explained the difference between cats & dogs this way -"Dogs have masters , Cats have staff!" This is so true- sorta shows how much smarter cats are over dogs huh?
1.they crap in a box stinking up your house
2. They cover your possessions in cat fur.
3. Hair balls are a real thing. (Unlike other certain species)
4. They are completely self centered
5. They aren't obedient and loyal like dogs. ;)
6. They scratch up your legs if you need to move them off your lap
7. They aren't dogs. XD
😂😂 so funny Ryan you love it really! And I've realised I'm like a cat cause all that applies to me
my cat enjoyed this video lol #keyboardkitty
Could literally go on for ever explaining why dogs are better than cats.
I would like to have both but for now I want a cat more 😻 kittttttiiiiiiieeessssssss
Cats are evil, dogs are bloody awesome!

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