7 Reasons Babies Are Just Tiny Drunk Adults

7 Reasons Babies Are Just Tiny Drunk Adults via America's Funniest Home Videos
7 Reasons Babies Are Just Tiny Drunk Adults
baby adult lol love tiny
Published on 12/11/2017
7 Reasons Babies Are Just Tiny Drunk Adults
via America's Funniest Home Videos


am I the only person who nearly had a HEART ATTACK when they thought that bird bath was gonna fall on that baby? D: im so glad it just splashed him!
the little girl who did the summersault....oooo my her neck ouch
I love babies! :)
the last part tho xD HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA
can't stop laughing while watching this 😹
If by party you mean life
I Loved the head massage. I just hope I don't look like that when I get my hair shampooed.
Or a better video. "Why Drunk Adults are Big Toddlers"
The Bird bath did cause me too Say Oh NO!
This video is tooooo cute!
Little guy getting a head massage was too cute ☺️❤️
everyone mom instinct came out on 2 of these videos
Babies are the best lol
Katey Stefani There's only two kinds of people I hate.
Sober people when I'm drunk, and Drunk people when I'm sober. This is probably why I hate babies!
Yeah I work in a ER at night and I can tell you first hand drunk adults are just big fucking babies..big, ugly, nasty, stupid stinky I piss in my clothes violent 'babies' ..I'd actually rather deal with a screaming toddler in their terrible twos or colicky baby then drunk adults..at least they are cute
Somebody in here is going to say some crazy shit like bad parenting .. I'll slap in you in your fucked up mind!!!!! KIDS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I have 2 great funny video!!!!!!!
Haha awe I'm sick and it hurt so much to laugh but I couldn't help it. My head hurts now.. But reminded me of big man bent! Devin Logan Chelsey Rae you have quite the cute tiny drunk adult of your own ☺️
Andrea were gonna have 3 tiny drunk adults?/.\
Some of these things looked very dangerous for the babies. I can't imagine a parent standing there taking a video instead of helping their child.
Very cute video , how are you today . We traded Our car in we have to pick up the new one tomorrow. Same car Altima but the next step up but it seems as if it is the same
Awe what a cute video I have seen some kids do them cute things, like my son Ron who would wear his supper if he didn't want to eat.
That's just too funny, good 1 Kara!!! 😄
Babies are really a blessing👑🎀
I love how so many of the videos were from the 90s. So Bob Saget. This was great! I like the "make out with anything" bit, bahahaha. 😂
Bryce this is literally the cutest thing ever and I'm 99% sure you are a baby stuck in an adult's body.
I love babies ❤️
Kory Thacker this is so funny 😂
Everyone can use a laugh like this video!!
I love other peoples babies. Soooo cute
Lol this was too cute and funny
This is probably one of the most cutest baby videos I've ever seen😂😍😂😍
Tiny drunk adults lol Osvaldo Madrid
Really cute and funny. Made my day.
tha's y babies are the most innocent creaters omg they're so adorable
Charmaine Verena Wong you will have 7 tiny drunk adults next time haha <3
Nammrah huzaifa is a tiny drunk adult :D
Sabrina Terry LOLOLOL I can't wait for Leia to do funny shit like this.
Ryan Meza 😂 babe, this is too funny.... and cute! 😍
Cody Vitt 😍 😂 this is so cute/funny
Aishwarya, exactly why you need to think seriously about getting that kid of yours out already :P
Or drunk adults are big babies.....
Anthony this seriously is so cute
Omg amor, babies are just adorable! Enrique Monarrez
LOLOLOL tiny drunk adults 😭 Tori Everson
Malik Robinson 37 seconds the funniest!!😂😂😂💀
Natalia Padilla see , tiny drunk people lol
i think this does bring back my memeries ---
Kate Harper 😂😂 tiny drunk adult
That was so adorable and funny
This video is better than the baby exploding video

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